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Snapchat Gets New Lock Screen Widgets In iOS 16

In the most recent version of iOS 16, Snapchat receives new Lock Screen Widgets and Chat Shortcuts with extra abilities.

You may use this feature to customise your lock screen with your dialogue. Two Snapchat widgets will show on the lock screen. The discussion widget is one, and the Snapchat camera is another. As a result, you can instantly use Snapchat and save time. Also, it saves you from scrolling to find your pals.

Snapchat Gets New Lock Screen Widgets In iOS 16

New Chat Shortcuts may be found at the top of the conversations tab. The ability to view unread chats and snaps will be beneficial. By using the Chat Shortcuts function, users may respond to their friends. It will also notify your Snapchat pals of future birthdays, story replies, and missed calls. conversation Shortcuts can be used instead of conversation flow to save time.

Snapchat debuted the Dual Camera functionality last month. Users may utilise this capability to record numerous views and themes. There are four arrangement options for the dual camera: cutaway, vertical and horizontal, and picture-in-picture. Snapchatters may also communicate visually with their pals by touching the Snapchat Camera on the lock screen widget.

Question Stickers are a novel technology introduced by Snapchat. It implies that users can ask anything in the AMA-style manual session. Instagram stories already have this functionality. You can also use this question sticker on your Snapchat stories. Snapchat Plus customers may also access their accounts via the online version.

With all of these additional options, iPhone users can simply snap and talk with their friends and family, as well as spend their time scrolling.

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