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Instagram and Facebook May Soon Make Paid Versions Available in the EU

A new premium tier of Facebook and Instagram for users in the EU, which would provide an ad-version version of both social networks, is apparently something Meta is thinking about.

A report by three people with knowledge of the company’s plans, the move is meant to avoid privacy concerns and other regulatory scrutiny from EU authorities, as reported by The New York Times.

The price of these premium levels is unknown. The free, ad-supported versions of Facebook and Instagram would still be available from Meta.

Instagram and Facebook May Soon Make Paid Versions Available in the EU

Users’ data is analysed by Meta to offer them with advertising based on their individual interests. With the implementation of GDPR, which safeguards people’s online data in the nation, it has run into problems in the EU.

The country’s Digital Services Act, which mandates companies like Meta to provide a content stream without using users’ personal data for modifications, also just come into effect. Meanwhile, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) would compel major internet platforms to make adjustments to promote competition.

The idea behind Meta is that it will allay some of the regulators’ worries by providing a paid version of Facebook and Instagram and allowing users to choose not to use the ad-free version.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Meta has to change a service for the EU. Due to DMA concerns, Meta has now disabled access to its new service Threads for EU citizens, even when they are connected to a VPN.

According to the DMA, Meta is not allowed to use another user’s data across its products, including things like that user’s name or location, without that user’s express consent. For example, Meta would not be permitted to advertise to users on Threads using information it obtained about them from Facebook, and vice versa.

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