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Top 10 Best Pushbullet Alternatives Free Version Limitations 2023

Pushbullet is one of the finest utility tools for transferring files between your Android device and computer, sending SMS messages from your computer, setting reminders, and more. However, the free version of Pushbullet ios is somewhat limited in comparison to the ‘Pro’ version, which may deter some users. Here are some features that the free version of Pushbullet lacks:

  • Actionable notifications
  • Mirrored notifications
  • Universal copy and link sharing
  • 100/month restriction
  • Send files up to 25 MB only and 2 GB storage space limitation

Pushbullet Pro is priced at $39.99 per year or $4.99 per month, which may be prohibitive for some users. Users of Pushbullet apps will be required to pay for the “Pro” subscription or find an alternative. If you do not intend to pay for Pushbullet Pro, the following are the finest alternatives.

Top 10 Best Pushbullet Alternatives Free Version Limitations 2023:

1. Crono

Crono is possibly one of the finest Pushbullet chrome alternatives, even better than AirDroid if you want the most useful news mirroring experience on your PC. It provides the same features as Pushbullet but with a much more aesthetically pleasing user interface. Similar to Pushbullet, you can respond to WhatsApp communications and Instagram notifications on your computer while receiving all of your notifications. In addition, call alerts are supported, but you cannot accept calls. At best, you can reject phone notifications with immediate SMS responses. In addition, Crono will erase your smartphone’s notifications if you dismiss one on your computer.

Crono also supports one of Pushbullet’s finest features, universal clipboard sharing. You can transmit the smartphone’s clipboard to a computer with a single click. Crono is natively enabled and fully end-to-end encrypted, just like Pushbullet, which is its most attractive feature. Therefore, no one can intercept the data transmissions during any communication between your smartphone and computer because it is always secure. Additionally, Crono’s complimentary plan includes 2400 notifications, compared to Pushbullet’s 100 notifications per month. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Choose Crono as the most suitable alternative to Pushbullet. It also offers Windows and macOS-specific applications. This is another alternative to Pushbullet.

2. Snapdrop

Snapdrop is an excellent alternative to the file-sharing service Pushbullet. It is the quickest and easiest method to transfer files between platforms without the need to download software, create an account, or scan a QR code. Snapdrop is an open-source web-based platform that is compatible with all platforms. Only a standard WiFi access point is required. If your PC and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network, simply open snapdrop.net on both devices to commence file sharing. By performing a right-click on the widget, it is simple to share URLs. Snapdrop’s best qualities are its lightning-fast speed, ability to share multiple files simultaneously, and absence of advertisements. In addition, as with Pushbullet, all file transfers are encrypted using the TLS protocol. Snapdrop is by far the best option on this list if you predominantly use Pushbullet for file transfers. Also, explore Mavenlink Alternatives

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3. My Phone – Windows Companion

Microsoft’s My Phone is a Windows companion program that does precisely what its name implies. My Phone is not yet a fully-functional device manager, in contrast to AirDroid. Microsoft asserts it is working to add new features to the application.

My Phone can currently be used to view and transfer photos, read and respond to text messages, and monitor Skype notifications. Yes, it does not have as many features as other applications, but you can anticipate future enhancements to this software. Additionally, it is essential to note that this particular companion is only compatible with Windows and Android. So My Phone is a must-try if you use an Android phone and a Windows computer. This is another alternative to Pushbullet.

4. easyJoin

EasyJoin is a relatively new app in the Android ecosystem, but it has become wildly popular among geeks very rapidly. EasyJoin’s primary selling point is that you can perform several essential duties, which are typically only accessible as part of a paid plan, for free. EasyJoin is one of the best alternatives to Pushbullet in many ways, as it offers an abundance of new features that Pushbullet does not. You can connect your smartphone to your computer and immediately begin receiving notifications. In addition, you can respond to communications and perform functional actions such as “mark as read,” “snooze,” etc.

With EasyJoin integration and a specific Windows application, you can also make and receive calls on your computer; however, this functionality is restricted to premium plans. In addition, you can access the universal clipboard, transfer files between devices, set alarms, and control the volume of other devices. There is no cost associated with acquiring any of these features. However, our task is not complete. All file transfers, voice communications, texts, and notifications are end-to-end encrypted by default. EasyJoin appears to be a viable alternative to Pushbullet; you should give it a shot.

5.  AirDroid

AirDroid is without a doubt the best alternative to PushBullet. It allows you to share files, install applications, view notifications, receive and make calls, synchronize SMS and contacts, and reply to WhatsApp messages. In addition, it allows you to mirror the user interface of your Android device on your PC, allowing you to control your Android smartphone or tablet directly from your computer.

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Despite this, AirDroid has significant disadvantages. AirDroid lacks features such as link sharing and ubiquitous copy & paste. Additionally, it requires a great deal of resources, so you may occasionally encounter delays. In addition, AirDroid provides a Premium plan for $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. Nonetheless, it is more affordable than Pushbullet’s premium plans.

AirDroid is one of the best alternatives to Pushbullet because it includes many of the most important Pushbullet features in addition to a few unique bonuses. This is another alternative to Pushbullet.

6. Join

Join can supplant Pushbullet, but its user interface is inferior. Therefore, Join is an excellent option if you desire a dependable program and care little about UI/UX. It rapidly notifies the user of new content on their smartphone, is incredibly ad- and monitoring-free, and is very clean. It can be used to distribute data, URLs, and locations to multiple devices. Additionally, your notifications and messages are mirrored, and you can respond to messages and perform other beneficial actions directly from your computer. In addition, Tasker users will appreciate the app’s extensive Tasker integration. In addition, you can share your clipboard across multiple devices. Not to mention that similar to Pushbullet, Join is end-to-end encrypted if a password is set. To avoid confusion, select Join if you have Android experience.

7. KDE Connect

If you use Linux, KDE Connect is a much superior option to Pushbullet. It allows you to effortlessly connect your smartphone to your computer and is completely free and open source. In addition, you can transmit remote input, manage media playback, send files and URLs, and access all notifications, including those from third parties. Additionally, it’s great that you can respond to communications. You can receive a notification but not a phone call when contacting customer service. KDE Connect’s best feature is the ability to alter the track, pause, and mute playback of a song currently playing on your laptop. Additionally, like Pushbullet, KDE Connect is end-to-end encrypted, which is excellent. I would suggest that you use KDE Connect instead of Pushbullet because it is a superior Linux application. This is another alternative to Pushbullet. Also, see Gleam Substitutes

8. Bridge

The bridge is another option with a strategy very similar to Pushbullet. Even though it lacks several features, including call support and file sharing, you can still receive notifications, reply to messages, and access the clipboard on other devices. Unlike extensions, it features a web-based portal where all notifications are stored for your inspection. If you use Bridge on multiple devices, here you will find a collection of all device notifications. When you reply to a notification, it is also purged from your smartphone. Due to Bridge’s web-based portal, security standards must remain high. The bridge is therefore fully compatible with end-to-end encryption, a commendable accomplishment. The bridge is considerably more reasonable than Pusbullet, which is why I recommend it. A one-time purchase of $3.99 will grant you a permanent membership to the app. Therefore, feel free to try Bridge.

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9. Pushover

While Pushbullet is best known for its link sharing and support for desktop notifications, it also includes an automation component compatible with IFTTT and other applications. And Pushbullet provides free access credentials to use its APIs for this purpose, albeit with some restrictions. Therefore, Pushover is the best option on our list if you’re looking for an alternative to Pushbullet for token access in the cloud. You can use Pushover’s user key to control your computer with Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Tasker, among other services. That’s not all, however. The greatest feature of Pushover is its $4.99 one-time fee, as opposed to Pushbullet’s $39.99 annual subscription fee. So why do you continue to wait? All of your automation requirements can be met with Pushover at a fraction of the cost and without restrictions.

10. MightyText

MightyText is one of the most effective alternatives to PushBullet. Similar to Pushbullet, Mighty Text synchronizes your text messages and enables you to respond to them directly from your computer. In addition, it replicates your notifications and allows you to call, ring, uninstall, send photos and videos, check the battery status, and more directly from the MightyText application.

Mighty Text’s free edition includes a monthly text message limit of 500, which is five times that of Pushbullet’s free edition. In addition, Mighty Text offers a subscription edition with features such as the ability to schedule communications, remove advertisements, and sync up to 100 GB of photos and videos. The Pro edition of MightyText costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. If you don’t mind the 500-message-per-month limit on the free version of Mighty Text, you may wish to consider other alternatives. This is another alternative to Pushbullet.

Final words:

Pushbullet is a wonderful app, but if you cannot afford its pro version, you can substitute it with several other capable apps. Although these alternatives are not as feature-rich as Pushbullet, they are sufficient for the majority of users. And while the majority of them are paid, they offer a free plan that is superior to that of Pushbullet. Check them out and let us know your thoughts in the section below.


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