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Top 15 Best TruePeoplesearch Alternatives in 2023

Do you have the name, phone number, or email address of the person you’re looking for? Or are you using TruePeopleSearch to find someone? But what if the application doesn’t function for you? If this is the case, there are several websites available, such as TruePeopleSearch.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to discover someone online, which means that there are several modes and ways by which you may locate a firm or a person near you or around the world. When you want truepeoplesearch com to do a background check on someone you think is questionable, or if you’re looking for a long-lost buddy, services like TruePeopleSearch come into play. Check read the page below to learn more about TruePeopleSearch and other sites similar to True People Search.

What is a TruePeopleSearch?

TruePeopleSearch strives to keep its clients’ records up to date. You may locate persons by linking to a large number of public documents. True People Search now has 89 million business entries in their database. It is simple to use. All you need to remember is the person’s public name and a little additional information about them, which you can enter into True People Search.

It wants you to recall the correct spelling and information about the individual because it has millions of names saved in its system. If the name you entered is common, the service will prompt you to enter further information such as the city, state, and nation they reside in, as well as a ZIP code if available.

True People Search allows you to search for a variety of things. It recognizes the phone number you enter, court records you have, the person’s age and date of birth, relatives, other contact numbers such as phone, current address, Sex offender data, the person’s arrest records, Vital Records, Traffic Tickets, and finally criminal records.

Even though TruePeopleSearch app is well-known across the world, the server and services might make faults and spoil your initial impression of the website. Did searching on True People Search fail for you as well? You are not alone in this situation. We have included the greatest search engine Websites like TruePeopleSearch below to assist you in finding the person you are frantically seeking for.

Top 15 Best TruePeoplesearch Alternatives in 2023

1. FastPeopleSearch

FastPeopleSearch, like True People Search, is a geo-restricted website. It is exclusively available in the United States. FastPeopleSearch may be used to look for persons, phone numbers, and addresses. It is free, quick, and easy to use.

Currently, the website includes approximately 16.5 billion records and 800 million individual human profiles. These figures are similar to those obtained by True People Search. The reverse phone number lookup truepeoplesearch reverse phone is one of FastPeopleSearch’s most valuable functions. If you receive a call from an unknown number, you may use the website to find out who they are.

Similarly, you may use the website to find out who resides at a certain address. FastPeopleSearch obtains information from millions of databases, ensuring that its records are constantly up to date.

2. Search People FREE

While many True People Search competitors allow you to search for a person by name, address, or phone number, Search People FREE provides an additional option. You may find someone by using their email address. It’s laudable because an email address is one of the simplest pieces of personal information to access. Furthermore, it is free to use, which means you do not have to pay to look for individuals on their site.

Search People FREE provides you with basic information as well as comprehensive background studies. You may learn about a person’s criminal history, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and other details.

Notably, the website discloses each profile’s aliases, family relations, and business partners. It also pulls profile information from other data aggregator sites like PeopleLooker, TruthFinder, and InstantCheckMate.

If you don’t have much information about a person, you can explore the Search People FREE A-Z directory at random. There’s also a list of popular surnames. Furthermore, the website isn’t just for English speakers. It is also offered in Spanish. The website claims to be the first and best bi-lingual people search website.

3. BeenVerified

BeenVerified was founded in 2007 to give users easy access to public record information. The website, like True People Search, solely displays publicly accessible information. BeenVerified, on the other hand, allows you to accomplish more.

Notably, it’s an excellent True individuals Search option if you wish to find individuals using a mobile app. The website includes simple mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, such as iPads and Apple Watches. With BeenVerified, you get access to billions of records. You may search by name, phone number, email, home address, or vehicle identification number (VIN).

You may obtain contact information, social network handles, caller ID, property records, and personal information from people. The Unclaimed Money Search, on the other hand, is the most intriguing function. It allows you to locate assets and accounts owned by the government that may be yours.

BeenVerified also has a dark web scan option. You may use the dark web to find out if your personal information is in the hands of the wrong people. BeenVerified, on the other hand, is not a free service; so, customers must subscribe to one of their premium plans, which cost $26.89 per month or $17.48 per month for three months.

4. Intelius

Intelius, which was founded in 2003, is one of the most secure persons search websites on the internet. Each search you conduct is protected by a 256-bit encrypted connection and is kept discreet and private.

Intelius operates in the same way as True People Search does. You may look up persons by their names, phone numbers, or addresses. You may also search public and criminal records, as well as the persons and phone directory.

Aside from the previously stated encryption link, Intelius has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This emphasises why it is a secure and trustworthy website. However, unlike True People Search, Intelius is not a completely free people search website. When you subscribe to a membership plan, you get the most out of the site.

The website offers two membership plans: $24.86 for one month and $42.25 for two months. If you do not want your profile to appear on the site, you may ask Intelius to remove it. It’s identical to True People Search’s “Remove My Info” option.

5. Whitepages

Whitepages is one of the major data aggregator websites, with over 30 million members. It displays people’s profiles, which include information such as their name, address, phone number, and age. Whitepages can provide more specific information. Criminal, lien, traffic, and financial records are all included. Others include professional licences, career information, and fraud ratings.

Whitepages has more users and visits than True People Search since, unlike True People Search, the website is not restricted to people in the United States. Whitepages is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Although Whitepages is a freemium network, searching for someone is free. You may look up their names, residences, or phone numbers. Because of the popularity of the website, you should expect at least 100 results when you search.

You may limit down the results by city or age. You may also skim the results page without clicking on any profiles to locate the profile that best fits the person you’re looking for.

6. US Search

If you’re a legal practitioner or trying to defend a case, here’s an option to True People Search. As the name implies, the website solely contains records from the United States. With the persons search function in US Search, you may locate people and their relatives, acquaintances, and neighbours.

US Search, a legal-focused people search engine, allows you to examine a person’s social network, financial information, and job history to determine their credibility. You may also look into their assets as well as their criminal and traffic history. There are many more search possibilities on the internet, and you may export the results as PDFs once you search.

You may rely on the information provided by US Search because it has been published in major newspapers such as CNN, CNBC, and CBS. US Search is a more costly True People Search option due of its exclusivity. It has easy price levels, so you may utilise the website for $59 per month or $599 per year.

7. Yellowbook

Yellowbook is not at all like True People Search. It is not just a website for discovering individuals, but it is also a website for locating local companies. The Yellowbook database allows you to look for businesses in several categories. Employment, education, health, plumbing, travel, and insurance are all prominent areas.

To search, simply enter the service you’re searching for and the location. On the search results page, you will get a list of potential organisations that offer the service and similar services.

Each company’s profile information, address, phone number, and work hours will be included in the search results. You may also find out how much their services cost and how you can pay for them.

The Yellowbook persons search is just as comprehensive as the local business search. However, unlike True People Search, you don’t have as many search choices, particularly for reverse searches. There are just four search options: first name, last name, city, and state.

8. AnyWho

AnyWho, which offers a yellow pages directory, is another True People Search option for discovering companies. It is also a free platform to use. Nonetheless, the website’s major function is the persons search.

To search, enter a first and last name, as well as a city and state. You may also search by a person’s address or phone number. AnyWho is a rather quick persons search website. You obtain results in less than three seconds after entering the relevant search information and hitting the search button.

The area code search is another intriguing search option on AnyWho. Entering an area code will reveal the cities and states in the area. True People Search does not have such a feature.

You simply need to input a company type, location, area code, or phone number if available to search nearby companies using AnyWho. Notably, AnyWho’s local business search is powered by Yellowpages.com.

9. UnMask

UnMask bills itself as a “100% free people search” website. UnMask allows you to search for and retrieve four categories of information:

  • Information about how to contact us
  • Experience in the Workplace
  • Criminal history
  • History of education

Nonetheless, the portal includes more information, such as court records, social network accounts, traffic offences, property ownership, and more. As a consequence, you obtain almost as much information as True People Search.

UnMask’s search possibilities are similar to those of True People Search. You may look for someone by name, city, phone number, or address. UnMask is a secure and confidential platform where you may search for individuals. It does not keep track of your personal information or location.

You may browse the top names or trending names lists even if you do not utilise the search function. For deleting records, UnMask provides an opt-out form. As a result, if you find your information on the internet and are unhappy with it, you may complete the form and they will erase it.

10. IDCaller

IDCaller is a one-of-a-kind website dedicated to identifying anonymous callers. Notably, it may be used to locate individuals with names. As a result, the reverse phone number lookup is the only function it has in common with True People Search.

When you search for phone numbers on IDCaller, though, you receive more than just the caller’s identity. The caller’s address, current location, and carrier are all displayed on the webpage. However, you can only access these data if you pay because IDCaller is not a free website. As a new user, you may trial the platform for $0.95.

After the trial period of 24 hours, you can pay the $19.95 monthly subscription cost. As a result, in order to utilise IDCaller, you must first create a membership account. After you make your first payment, you may establish an account on the website. If you have any questions regarding using the site, TruePeopleSearch  particularly about payment, you may contact the support staff by filling a contact form.

11. Spokeo

Spokeo is another noteworthy addition to our list. It allows you to seek up people by their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses. With 130 million property records, six billion consumer records, 3.9 billion history documents, 600 million judicial records, and 89 million company records, the website’s stats are remarkable.

The dating profile search, on the other hand, is the TruePeopleSearch website’s highlight feature. Spokeo can help you learn more about your partner’s or prospective partner’s internet behaviour.

The company collects information from over 120 social websites, including popular ones like Tinder, Facebook, and Instagram. To obtain information on someone’s internet activities, all you need is their name, username, or email address. Spokeo takes about 20 to 30 seconds to get results since it has to search through several social media networks.

Spokeo is yet another high-end True People Search substitute. To view the advanced search results, you must pay. The monthly fee is $24.95; however, you can trial the website for a day for $0.95.

12. PeekYou

PeekYou makes people’s searches somewhat easier. If all you know about a person is their social network username, this is an excellent True People Search alternative to consider. The website has an easy-to-use username search function. When you search for a username, it searches social media and email networks for accounts that use that username.

Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and Yahoo are among TruePeopleSearch the email systems. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Wattpad, and 500px, on the other hand, are social media sites. True People Search, on the other hand, does not offer such a function. PeekYou will send you to the appropriate platform whenever you click on any social platform or email link.

PeekYou, for example, provides free search results; nevertheless, it links you to other persons search engines, which may need a commercial subscription for extensive search reports. In accordance with their privacy policy, PeekYou provides a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” form. If you want your information removed from the site, just fill out and submit the form.

13. Radaris

Radaris has over 10 years of experience and hundreds of millions of public documents. The database on the internet has 183 million unique names, 594 million persons records, and 224 million phone numbers. The database also has 110 million property records and 63 million business records. In terms of quantity, it is without a doubt one of the greatest True People Search options.

Radaris has five search possibilities. You may look for someone by name, phone number, address, email, or company name. The website is safe to use because it is protected by Norton, an industry-leading security solution. It has also been featured on notable TruePeopleSearch websites such as Discovery, Vice, and NewsWatch. As a consequence, you may rely on the information provided by Radaris.

When you log in to Radaris, you receive better results. As a new user, you may sign up with an email address and a password, or using your Facebook or Google account. Radaris, on the other hand, provides rudimentary findings for free. Radaris does not yet have a public price page as of this writing.

To obtain their price, you must first create a free account, after which their pricing options will be presented in the subscription area. Their one-month plan now costs $34.78 per month, while their three-month plan costs $27.82 per month.

14. Legacy

Legacy is the final website you should visit. In some situations, though, you must. It’s an obituary search website where you can determine whether or not a person is still alive. As a result, while Legacy and True People Search are both people search websites, they are not the same. If you’ve been looking for someone for a long time and can’t locate them anyplace else, you could try Legacy.

The website has a database of user-submitted TruePeopleSearch obituaries as well as obituaries from prominent publications. Legacy, on the other hand, is a free platform. You may do a fast search by entering the first and last name. For a more comprehensive search, you may choose a nation, state, and time period.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, New Zealand, and Ireland are among the nations that support it. You may also search data from the last 30 days, three days, a week, two weeks, a month, six months, a year, and particular periods.

15. PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder gives you access to over a billion public documents. TruePeopleSearch The platform, like True individuals Search, promises to let individuals connect with their loved ones wherever they are. PeopleFinder provides data such as contact information, social network handles, police records, asset information, background checks, and images.

You may search by name, address, or phone number, TruePeopleSearch as you can on many other websites on this list of the top True People Search alternatives. You obtain reliable results regardless of your search selection, and the website is simple to use.

PeopleFinder, thankfully, is a free platform. Notably, PeopleFinder collaborates with Intelius. As a result, when you make your first search, you will be required to agree the terms and conditions of the later platform.

The search takes a few seconds to load and display TruePeopleSearch results. When you restrict your search with PeopleFinder, you receive better results. If you don’t include a city or state in your search, the website may return zero results.


What is the best free website to find a person?

Some of the greatest free people-finding websites include White Pages, US Search, BeenVerified, Intelius, and True People Search.

What is the best website to find someone’s address?

True People Search is one of the quickest People Searching tools available without any fees or subscriptions.

Final words: Sites like TruePeopleSearch

True People Search is at the top of your wish list if you want to locate someone or do something relevant, but for a variety of reasons, you may feel as if the positives outweigh the drawbacks; in these circumstances, you may utilize alternative sites like True People Search – all of the sites described above.


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