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New Version of Telegram adds Video Transcription and a New Dark Mode

A popular instant messaging platform is Telegram. This service is available on a wide range of supported systems. Furthermore, it offers additional capabilities including VoIP, file sharing, and video calling. For iOS users, Telegram has released a new version. This new update comes with features like video transcription, separate subjects for big groups, dark mode, etc.

Using the A button in the bottom right corner of a video, users may launch the Voice-to-Text Transcription tool. This feature allows Telegram to read video messages delivered by your pals.

New Version of Telegram adds Video Transcription and a New Dark Mode

Only Telegram Premium members, who pay $4.99 per month for access to additional perks including faster download speeds, ad-free use, and a greater 4 GB maximum file upload limit, have access to the new capability of video message transcription. This capability is comparable to the right now accessible voice message transcription feature.

Another new function that Telegram has made available to all users is Topics in Groups. This makes it possible for groups of more than 200 people to select several chat rooms for different talks. Users get access to shared media settings and specific Topic alerts from a sizable group. Later this year, Telegram will provide a fresh set of features for small groups.

In addition, a brand-new digital asset called Collectable Usernames has been added in this version. You can add numerous collectable usernames to a single basic username. The collectable usernames must, however, be no longer than five characters.

The dark mode on Telegram was modified by the developer (just for iOS). The new dark mode function blurs the colours to balance them. The Halloween theme is also included with Telegram version 9.1.0. Telegram Premium users can also get additional 12 emoji sets after Halloween. You may add these emojis to your status or use them in conversations and captions. On the 9.0 release, Telegram previously added endless responses.

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A new animation when you swipe left to reply, a new menu with call choices, and new placeholders when loading the messages in groups are all examples of how the Minor Design has been enhanced.

Pavel Durov, the company’s creator, apologises for the delay in the release of the new version. Telegram’s new version 9.1.0, which is now formally available on the App Store, may be updated.


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