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Google Chrome Latest Update Saves Battery Life and Memory

Google Chrome has released two new energy and memory-saving features. With the release of Chrome 108, the new version will be available to Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS desktop and laptop users.

Chrome is well-known for its efficiency and provides consumers with a quick browsing experience. With the latest update, you can improve battery life and boost PC performance.

Google Chrome Latest Update Saves Battery Life and Memory

How to Use These Options

To access these features, you must upgrade your Chrome browser to the most recent version. It is possible to do so using the browser settings.

[1] Start the Chrome web browser.

[2] In the upper right corner of the browser, click the three-dot icon.

[3] Expand the Help option by navigating to it.

[4] Choose About Google Chrome from the menu.

[5] The browser will automatically check for the most recent version. Tap the Relaunch button after installing the most recent firmware.

[6] Start up the browser and navigate to the same settings page. These two features are now available as options.

Mode of saving energy

When the battery level on the laptop version of Chrome browser hits 20%, the Energy Saver will be engaged automatically. It will extend the battery life and allow you to surf the web for a bit longer. It restricts all of the background activities.

If you wish to manually activate the Energy Saver, search for the Green shaped symbol in the browser’s upper right corner. When you tap on it, the function will be enabled.

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Memory Conserving Mode

Memory Saver mode is another feature of Chrome. Chrome will often consume a large amount of RAM while visiting many tabs.

The memory of the tabs you are not currently using will be emptied, allowing you to operate on the current tab without issues. The dormant tabs can be reloaded at any moment.

According to the research, Chrome would use up to 40% of RAM (about 10 GB) for improved speed. The memory-saving option allows the user to use the browser with less RAM.


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