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Celebrity Giveaways: Powerful Technique

Celebrity giveaways are undoubtedly a successful technique to increase your Instagram presence because they drive more traffic to your page, finally growing followers. Well, not quite You can effortlessly leverage celebrity influence to improve your Instagram game with the new Kicksta Boost. With this new tool from Kicksta, powered by TSMA, you can connect with celebrities, quickly increasing your followers’ time.

We have some crucial information heading your way if you’ve been seeking a means to begin working with celebrities on social media or if you’d like to use Instagram giveaways to attract followers.

What Do Celebrity Giveaways Involve?

A well-known celebrity, such as a prominent influencer or entertainer, and a brand with which the star has partnered are typically involved in celebrity giveaways. In this partnership, a lucky fan or follower on social media will give goods or services from the brand thanks to the celebrity.

Typically when celebrities announce giveaways, they also disclose the competition’s regulations. Entrants are generally required to follow the star and the brand, for instance. Following that, they will be required to carry out another task, such as reposting a picture related to the giveaway on their Instagram Stories.

The celebrity will select a winner after the giveaway’s entry deadline. Given that celebrity giveaways typically receive a large number of entrants, this is normally done at random.

Why Do Brands Sponsor Celebrity Giveaways?

It is undoubtedly enticing to have a famous person extol your brand to all of their followers.

Your brand will not only be spread widely, but you will also gain credibility with the general public and potential followers and customers. People prefer to trust celebrities, so if their favourite influencer or entertainer promotes your brand, you’ll notice an uptick in the number of people interested in following you on social media.

Nowadays, social media is the focus of everyone’s attention; therefore, having a popular Instagram user promote your Instagram account is incredibly beneficial. You’ll start to see an increase in Instagram followers after you dive into the realm of celebrity giveaways.

How Much Do Celebrity Giveaways Typically Cost?

There needs to be a defined price or criteria for celebrity giveaways on Instagram. Several things will finally end the lot you’ll incur, but costs might add up quickly.

Who you work with affects your pay in a significant way. Celebrities will expect a wide range of fees depending on their collaborations’ popularity.

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For instance, when you design a social media campaign with some of the largest names on the platform, they can demand $1 million for each post. Others will request a total of five digits for the campaign’s duration. How many followers the people you work with have relies on who you are. For how long have they existed? How much of an impact do they have on Instagram?

How you communicate with the celebrity is another touch to think about. To work with a prominent star, you’ll typically have to go through an agency (but a smaller celebrity may be more reachable outside of an agency).

Since agencies frequently set their prices and deduct fees from what you pay before paying the celebrity, this will also impact the price of your celebrity giveaway.

The bottom line is that celebrity giveaways are costly. Although using an Instagram giveaway to attract followers is undoubtedly an efficient marketing strategy, it does come with a hefty price tag. Therefore it’s crucial to carefully consider your options before making this investment.

How to Use Celebrity Giveaways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Now that we’ve got your attention, leveraging Instagram giveaways to attract followers via celebrity giveaways seems nice. So let’s look at just how you can do that.

The first process to work is how celebrity giveaways are organized.

How It typically Operates

As previously mentioned, working with a celebrity for a giveaway typically involves working via an agency. Agencies represent numerous well-known artists and personalities. To connect with one of their clients, you must reach the agency and talk pricing, contracts, campaign ideas, and other business-related topics. The agency will then arrange for you to connect with a celebrity, and you may move on from there.

Reaching celebrities personally is another approach to getting in touch with them for celebrity giveaways. However, you should reserve this technique for more obscure stars like micro-influencers or low-key entertainers. Don’t undervalue these connections because they are modest but can still benefit you.

Start by reaching them with a direct message on Instagram if you want to choose a giveaway partnership with a lesser-known celebrity. The easiest technique to go with lots of micro-influencers is through this. Once you start speaking with them, you can eventually switch to another channel, like email.

The process for partnering with one of these lesser-known celebrities is much the same as the process for partnering with one of the more well-known figures; you just won’t be using an agency. Therefore, you and the celebrity will work on the broad format of your giveaway campaign before filling in the specifics.

Making use of Kicksta Boost

Kicksta Boost is a partnership between Kicksta and TSMA, two of the best Instagram growth tools on the market. You can benefit from the growth services provided by both Kicksta and TSMA by using the Kicksta Boost feature, which ensures you gain at least 850+ new monthly followers.

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Girl promoting a celebrity giveaway for Kicksta Boost
You will use the celebrity giveaway growth strategy developed by TSMA through Kicksta Boost. Ultimately, using a tried-and-true method to employ an Instagram giveaway to gain followers will benefit you. This is how it goes:

First, a celebrity Instagram user with at least 500k followers or ranks in the top 1% of Instagram users will be partnered with your brand. Then, this celebrity will host a giveaway similar to the ones we discussed earlier. This is where you come in; one of the conditions for joining the giveaway will be to follow your brand on Instagram.

It is guaranteed that the celebrities’ followers will actively participate in the giveaway because they are required to have a high engagement rate. As a result, as Instagram users follow your account to enter the contest, you will undoubtedly gain more followers. To put it another way, you can be sure that using an Instagram giveaway to increase your following will work.

In addition to the people required to follow you, you’ll probably notice increased traffic on your page from curious Instagram users who aren’t entering the giveaway but saw their favourite celebrity post about your account. As previously mentioned, celebrities can lend credibility to brands, so getting a star to promote your brand on Instagram is invaluable for increasing your popularity.

Your follower count will rise as an increase of all of this, and Instagram as a whole will grow. This helps you establish a strong presence on the app over time. In other words, you can achieve both short-term and long-term growth with the Kicksta Boost.

Let’s talk numbers if we still need to convince you to try Kicksta Boost. Instagram user @therealtjwright claimed using TSMA’s growth service led to a gain of 7,000 followers. You can also check TSMA’s home page to hear more favourable comments!

Can You Organize A Celebrity Giveaway By Yourself?

You may be motivated to take the reins and independently manage your celebrity giveaway. After hearing all this talk about celebrity giveaways and success stories. Is that even conceivable, then?

Yes, everything is conceivable. And if you know exactly who to contact, how to reach contact with them, how to create a celebrity giveaway, and then how to design that celebrity giveaway successfully, you’ll be successful.

The report leaves a lot of questions unanswered in there. As we previously mentioned, TSMA ensures that all celebrities they work with have a specific minimum number of followers and a minimum engagement rate. This means that by using TSMA, your message will be delivered to a minimum audience size that is guaranteed.

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If you choose to end out on your own, you might end up in touch with a celebrity whose partnership will only ultimately benefit you. Additionally, getting in touch with many stars on your own will be challenging without using an agency.

Even so, hosting a celebrity giveaway yourself is not the best idea, even though nothing is impossible. You want to be sure that these giveaways will help you succeed because they require time and financial investment. Additionally, the Kicksta Boost promises you will gain at least 850 new followers monthly. In other words, if you want to use an Instagram giveaway to gain followers, the Kicksta Boost is likely the best course of action.

How to Begin Using Kicksta Boost

It would help if you were prepared to start your celebrity giveaways now that we’ve covered. The fundamentals of using an Instagram giveaway to grow your following.

A Quick Reminder Of The Benefits Of Using The Boost

Celebrity giveaways are fantastic followers to grow your Instagram following because they promote your company to a large audience. Additionally, when you use the Kicksta boost, you can be sure that a motivated audience will see your company’s name. Along with the benefit of celebrity giveaways, this growth strategy also lends authority to your account. This growth tool ensures that your Instagram account will gain 850 new followers each month—that many followers in a single month!

The best part of the Kicksta and TSMA synergy is that you can benefit from both long-term and short-term growth. Users who follow your account in frenzies to join a giveaway are the source of your short-term growth. But over time, they all add up, and you’ll have a much bigger audience than you did before. This will give them to check your page and follow you as well. Your long-term growth is there.

You must continue to invest in Instagram growth if you want it to work for your brand. And it’s crucial to approach this strategically. But by implementing the time-tested strategy of holding celebrity giveaways on your account. The Kicksta Boost, powered by TSMA, will help to reduce some of the pressure associated with expanding your Instagram.

What Are You Waiting For, Then?

Your account will quickly grow tremendously with aid of, without you having to put in little preparation or work. As a result, you can concentrate your time and efforts on all of other crucial tasks you have to complete.

What are you waiting for, then? Please let us know what kind of progress you see after using Kicksta Boost. Please let us hear about all of your new followers!


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