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Top 10 Best Zabbix Alternatives And Similar Platforms in 2023

Zabbix is a platform-based solution that provides users with scalable, comprehensive network monitoring software that provides real-time performance tracking of networks, servers, and virtual machines. This platform notifies clients of critical conditions such as high/low device temperature or insufficient disc space, ensuring resource management and authentication. Source code is readily accessible and open-source, preventing vendor lock-in and contributing to a low total cost of ownership.

It stores configuration and performance data in a relational database, thereby facilitating data processing and reuse. Even efficient agents for UNIX and Windows platforms are available, enabling extensive monitoring capabilities.

Top 10 Best Zabbix Alternatives And Similar Platforms in 2023

1. ManageEngine OpManager

It is common knowledge that SNMP is the foundation of many network performance monitoring tools. Consequently, ManageEngine OpManager is an ideal option. The dashboard’s graphs, dials, charts, and lists reflect real-time updates from the network monitor’s reports. Consequently, this Zabbix-like platform is among the finest alternatives available.

OpManager can compile objects using SNMP information. It would refresh the list whenever agents for devices are queried. This system allows for the monitoring of switches, firewalls, gateways, load balancers, terminals, network access, printers, and disc devices. In addition, it is capable of monitoring virtual environments.

In addition, the OpManager suite includes several diagnostic tools, such as a Traceroute tool and a path performance analyzer. Therefore, these devices are useful for evaluating networks and determining online connectivity.

2. Domotz

Domotz is a platform similar to Zabbix that monitors and manages software inventories as well as networks and endpoints. This package provides asset management features in addition to monitoring features, going above and beyond what Zabbix provides. Thus, the software can monitor any network in any location and aggregate data from multiple locations into a single interface.

The monitoring interface for Domotz is web-based and accessible from any device with an internet connection. In addition, a Domotz agent is deployed on the server of a website when the network is added to the monitoring service. This collects information from network devices via SNMP operations and transmits it to the Domotz host.

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3. Checkmk

Checkmk is one of the most effective Zabbix alternatives for monitoring your network and software. It employs agent-based and agentless methods to monitor the status of a company’s IT resources. Consequently, you can monitor a variety of moving parts, such as networks, servers, applications, storage, and other components. This is an additional Zabbix substitute. Also, see BiddingOwl Substitutes

For the Checkmk server, Linux is the only supported platform. Linux familiarity is all that’s required to run this software. Either your Linux operating system or the Checkmk package already includes all necessary applications.

You can also execute Checkmk in a Docker container, a virtual appliance, or a physical appliance. Additionally, Checkmk’s agents are compatible with Windows and additional platforms. Nonetheless, several Checkmk variants exist. Consequently, deciding which edition to use is the first stage before installation.

4. Observium

Observium, a comprehensive Zabbix-like platform, enables real-time network and infrastructure monitoring. Linux is the primary target platform for Observium, but Windows is also supported. Additionally, it supports a wide variety of other operating systems and platforms, including those from Cisco, Juniper, FreeBSD, Citrix, and NetApp.

SNMP is utilized to collect data, which is then displayed through an intuitive web interface. However, you cannot install Observium on a server that does not meet the requirements for Apache and MySQL. This is an additional Zabbix substitute.

5. SolarWinds NPM

SolarWinds NPM is a powerful network monitoring application that aids businesses in identifying, diagnosing, and resolving network performance issues. Additionally, the software is effective for large and medium-sized enterprises. Consequently, it is comparable to Zabbix.

NPM is compatible with Windows Server 2019, 2016, and 2012 R2 regardless of deployment model. NPM can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, but only through the SolarWinds Orion platform. Due to the Orion Platform, the NPM can operate and communicate with other SolarWinds applications and utilities.

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SolarWinds NPM licenses are scalable based on the utmost number of monitored network elements or the total number of monitored objects. Additionally, there is a maximum number of managed and monitored nodes, interfaces, and volumes for each licensing tier.

6. Atera

Atera is a suite of programs that empowers MSPs with everything necessary to provide exceptional customer service. This category contains both technical and business management tools. This is an additional Zabbix substitute.

In addition, Atera’s RMM package contains all of the apparatus required for remote system administration. Included are utilities for network, server, and program monitoring. This package also includes patch management and other services for administering a computer system. Thus, it is also a complimentary trial of a Zabbix alternative.

With the RMM package’s integrated tools, a single technician can simultaneously administer a large number of client systems. MSP administrators can monitor the effectiveness of service delivery by configuring the monitoring pack by the SLAs. Moreover, it logs time spent at each customer location, thereby expediting billing.

7. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor The German company Paessler AG created the dependable and well-known Paessler PRTG Network Monitor. PRTG is one of the few available tools in terms of maturity level and feature range.

PRTG Network Monitor uses network protocols such as SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, and SSH to execute its monitoring tasks. Furthermore, it will perform the tasks without requiring the implementation of agents on the monitored devices or applications. Not only does it require less labor, but it also completes the tracking rapidly and with minimal effort. This is an additional Zabbix substitute.

PRTG Network Monitor is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a free Zabbix alternative. Zabbix necessitates a more complicated installation process, which may be cumbersome for the majority of users.

8. Nagios

Nagios creates and distributes computer network administration and monitoring software. Moreover, it enables businesses to identify and resolve problems before they escalate. Nagios Core and Nagios XI are the two variants of Zabbix-like platforms that are available.

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Using an agent-based architecture, Nagios Core is a free and open-source monitoring utility for network devices, services, applications, Internet protocol, system metrics, and resources. You can use it to constantly verify the most vital protocols and systems.

Nagios XI, on the other hand, is an agentless commercial version designed for large networks and businesses. Similar to its back-end, it utilizes Nagios Core, but with the addition of additional technologies. Nonetheless, it is substantially easier to administer.

Nagios XI is the best option if you require a network monitoring solution that can be modified and expanded as your requirements evolve. Numerous high-end features, such as graphical reporting and dashboard customization tools, a backend API, and support for multiple tenants, facilitate its use.

9. Icinga

Icinga is a well-known open-source alternative to Zabbix for monitoring information technology (IT) infrastructure and applications. It monitors the availability of your network’s resources and notifies you if there are any issues. Additionally, it provides performance statistics for reporting. This is an additional Zabbix substitute.

Icinga was created in 2009 as a branch that was separated from the Nagios Core program. The Nagios-created foundation requires expansion. Therefore, this expansion should incorporate new Icinga capabilities and features.

10. OpenNMS

The OpenNMS Group and its development community are accountable for the creation and maintenance of OpenNMS. It is an open-source alternative to Zabbix for network management and monitoring. Therefore, there are no license fees or costs associated with utilizing this software. Additionally, see Roll20 Alternatives

It takes tremendous pride in being the first enterprise-grade, open-source network management platform. The OpenNMS Group intends to provide this service at no cost to the user and instead generate income through paid consultations.

OpenNMS can control thousands of devices with a single server due to its adaptability, scalability, and decentralized architecture. As long as the PostgreSQL database and Java SDK are available, OpenNMS can operate routinely on Windows and Linux/Unix-based computers.


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