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Top 15 Best WinDirStat Alternatives for Windows in 2023

WinDirStat has existed for some time, assisting Windows users in disc analysis and cleaning. However, the utility begins to sluggish and is no longer the finest disc analyzer and cleanup tool. For this reason, many individuals are attempting to discover WinDirStat alternatives. If you belong to this category, you should continue reading the page. You are about to discover the recommended and most popular WinDirStat download alternatives. These alternatives to WinDirStat operate similarly, if not better. Browse through!

Top 15 Best WinDirStat Alternatives for Windows in 2023:

WinDirStat’s disc administration options are excellent if you desire a streamlined disc. If you do not wish to access WinDirStat, this is a suitable alternative. The time has come to learn more about these alternatives.

1.  TreeSize

It is set up by the jam software for the Windows operating system. The disc is an essential component of any system. To operate an outstanding computer, one must be in good physical health. This is ideal for you if you desire a generous disc space allowance.

Secret Features:

  • – Treedisk is the finest program for displaying the correct use of a disc on a Windows computer.
  • In exchange, it helps optimize the disc.
  • – Sometimes it is necessary to observe something in its context. It facilitates comprehension of the disc. The TreeSize contact menu can be accessed from any folder.
  • – When you desire a rapid examination of a folder and file. Since scanning is organized in threads, TreeSize is a suitable option.
  • – One can likewise operate in dark mode on tree size. This aids in energy conservation.
  • This category functions in an expandable manner similar to the Explorer.
  • It allows for drag-and-drop configuration options.
  • – It is utterly tidy and therefore risk-free for anyone to install.

Intriguing facts.

  • This is an alternative to WinDirStat that is available in multiple languages, including Greek, Finnish, and Slovenian.
  • It functions flawlessly with Windows 10 and all variants.
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2. Folder Size

Brio has established this, specifically for Windows PC. It is the most advanced disc cleaner and folder scanner available. It provides a detailed windirstat portable view of a column within the explorer. This application is essential for you.

Secret features

There are shell extension augments available. It highlights the appropriate folder and disc size.

  • – The correct folder size facilitates the identification and detection of disc issues.
  • You wish to determine which folders you have viewed.
  • – Here, it aids in monitoring the viewed folders in addition to performing background scans.
  • – Sometimes a comprehensive disc cleanup is required. This maintains the disk’s health.
  • – Folder size serves an essential role in disc cleanup. This facilitates the disc cleansing procedure. You might not delete anything essential. Check WebMoney as well.

Interesting fact

  • Folder size is the finest application for those who value a healthy computer system.

3. Wiztree

This is the most inventive alternative to WinDirStat to date. It is compatible with Windows. You are no longer reliant on WinDirStat. It is the optimal disk-cleaning software. Wiztree is exceptionally efficient at locating files and folders on a disc. This is the most innovative WinDirStat replacement to date and a must-have for all Windows users.

Key features

Sometimes it is necessary to read hard discs. Wiztree can read MTF from within a hard disc device. This is a hidden file that cannot be accessed without the proper software.

It is a very quick application that analyses disc space very quickly.

  • – With the aid of the Wiztree software, one can also delete files and folders. This software is ideal for anyone seeking a secure method of deleting important folders.
  • – Computer discs contain both large and small files. Wiztree helps you locate 1000 large files on your hard drive.
  • – Wiztree also supports the import of CSV data. This import capability is not available on every Windirstat alternative variant.
  • – A effective disc application must also be a scanner. Wiztree facilitates the examination of any system file key.

Interesting reality

  • It is an efficient system that examines covert files while bypassing the operating system.

4. JDiskReport

This disc cleansing application was developed by JD Goodies. It is useful for determining how much capacity files and directories consume on a hard drive.

Secret features

It is an excellent disc analyzer. This helps to comprehend the proper disc usage.

  • – Statistics function in all situations, including the JDisk report. It is an efficient statistic accumulator.
  • – It synchronizes seamlessly with Amazon Drive.
  • As it is compatible with amazon drive, it preserves the optimal disc health of Amazon and other portable devices.
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Fascinating fact

This lifetime-free software application contains no advertisements. Jdisk is exceptional if you are looking for a synchronization tool that also collects statistics.

5. Space Sniffer

In addition to being the best disc analyzer, it is a tool application. This is a portable program. This is a superior alternative to WinDirStat for mac. Area sniffer is the optimal disc analyzer for Windows laptops and workstations. Space detector is suitable for both experts and novices.

Secret features

It discusses a contemporary visualization pattern. This greatly improves one’s comprehension of the disc. A good visualization reveals what is on the hard drive, providing us with knowledge of what is crucial. Check out ShipStation Alternatives as well.

  • – When you desire to assign an analysis tag to a filter. The area sensor allows you to complete this task.
  • – It is sometimes impossible to locate large files on the disc. Area sniffer pinpoints the exact disc location of enormous folders. It will save you time.
  • – It employs a treemap design similar to WinDirStat mac.
  • – Folder scanning is also a possibility with space sniffer. When a folder is scanned, the precise disc usage is revealed.
  • The best aspect is that one can navigate while the scan is running. This does not prevent you from working and allows you to determine the disk’s status.
  • It is highly dependable and potent despite its simple navigation. No longer must one devote hours to navigating such a device.
  • – Space sniffer employs magnification elements similar to web browsers. Its magnifying capability is excellent.
  • Everyone is looking for a personalized analysis. It is possible to customize the area sniffer with geometric patterns and colors.

Intriguing reality

You are not required to manually install it. It functions properly without installation. This is essential for all Windows users, regardless of the age of their computer.

6. Disktective

This is a different alternative to the disc management tool Windirstat linux, which plays an essential role. Disktective is required for saving space and locating unused space on a computer system. It functions exceptionally well with the Windows desktop.

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Key features.

It is effective at determining the extent of a directory site.

  • – Simultaneously, it demonstrates the distribution of utilized files.
  • It performs a thorough analysis of the directory’s size and sub-size.
  • This extracts the file sizes of all Windows files.
  • It is predominantly a reporting tool for computer system directory sites.
  • One can navigate the directory tree while viewing a pie chart.
  • This can be colored when printed.
  • Additionally, this can be exported as an HTML file and a tree pad file.

Interesting truth.

It operates with no installation required.

7. Directory site size calculator

It is an additional variant of the Windirstat option. This is the optimal option for you. It is fantastic for the internal directory site size of a computer system. When the size of the disc is known, it is an excellent indicator of disc integrity.

Secret features.

  • It is designed to be exceedingly easy to use by anyone. It’s even great for beginners.
  • There is the potential for a very rapid folder analysis.
  • To inspect folder size, one must select each folder individually.
  • It displays the disc subdirectory’s size in GB and MB format.

Intriguing facts.

  • This is an application that every Windows user can utilize.
  • Products with Windows 7, 8, Vista, and 10 are supported.
  • The file can be downloaded at no cost.
  • Directory Size Calculator Download Link: https://directory-size-calculator.en.softonic.com
  • Submit Size: 214 Kb

8. Spyglass

It is yet another piece of disc-cleaning software. This software can detect duplicate or outdated files on the system. This is a very basic utility that should be installed on every disc drive. Its aesthetic is its greatest point of download. Check additionally how to organize a hackathon.

Key features.

  • It is beneficial for examining the disc area of your hard drive.
  • If a folder is taking up too much space, it may be necessary to delete it. This application allows you to delete extra or unnecessary folders.
  • Additionally, it aids in locating duplicate files that occupy unnecessary space on the computer hardware.

Intriguing facts

  • It is the most highly-rated software program.
  • System assistance: Only Windows and Android are supported.
  • Variation is readily available at no cost.
  • Link to the download: https://spyglass.en.softonic.com
  • File Size: 6.6 Mb

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