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Top 15 Best GoodNotes Alternatives To Take Best 2023 Notes

GoodNotes has recently become a hot subject on the internet because of its unique features that allow users to save notes digitally on their Apple devices. But, are you one of the users who are unable to use the GoodNotes app because it is only available for Apple devices or because its membership options are prohibitively expensive? You don’t have to worry about any of the aforementioned possibilities anymore because we’ve compiled a list of useful apps like GoodNotes 5.

About GoodNotes:

GoodNotes is widely regarded as the greatest note-taking app for iPad users. It is an Apple Pencil-optimized tool with excellent handwriting recognition and convergence. It’s also a useful tool for capturing digital notes.

Top 15 Best GoodNotes Alternatives To Take Best 2023 Notes:

1. Squid

Squid differs from GoodNotes templates in that it offers a variety of paper sizes and types. Planners, lined, math, sports, music, and blank pages are available. Furthermore, Squid offers a variety of page sizes, including letter, legal, A4, and 46. Squid has a larger number of pages and sizes than GoodNotes, and while GoodNotes is customizable, Squid caters to more users with more paper types and sizes.

The digital handwriting functionality is one similarity between the two apps that propels Squid to the top of the list. Squid, on the other hand, allows you to write with your pen and erase with your finger. With the side button, the pen may also do fast tasks. If you are a visual person and would like to include graphics in your notes, Squid has you covered. Images and PDF files can be added to your work.

Squid also lets users import, edit, and convert photos, as well as insert pages between notes. You may also export notes, share or email data in a variety of formats, and even cast them on display screens.

If you’re looking for a basic daily listing app with the ability to run complicated instructions, Squid is one of the top GoodNotes alternatives for Android. For work or school presentations, tools like a virtual whiteboard or the ability to present and modify or write directly on slides are ideal.

2. MyScript Nebo

MyScript Nebo is a cutting-edge digital app that takes e-note taking to the next level. It contains editing movements that not only make this app unique but are also simple to grasp and use. MyScript, unlike GoodNotes vs notability, contains handwriting recognition software, and the handwriting functionality is flexible, responsive, and simple to update with gestures or a pen.

GoodNotes, like MyScript, features the handwriting function, so if you want to enjoy typing your work or even writing math equations, drawing graphs, curves, and lines, then MyScript is a perfect alternative.

Over 20 years of research have gone into building the world’s most accurate handwriting recognition app with this artificial intelligence handwriting software. This has provided MyScript a competitive advantage in the market, and more note-taking apps are now collaborating with MyScript. MyScript and Nebo are collaborating closely and have merged to form MyScript Nebo. This app is an award-winning productivity app that helps users generate work notes, annotate, or sketch ideas.

3. INKredible

INKredible, as the name suggests, is a digital app noted for its customizable pen strokes. If you enjoy taking notes on paper with a fountain pen, this app is for you. INKredible offers a genuine feel to it, as you can use different colors to take notes and color code your work to make it easier to retrieve notes. Unlike other handwriting apps that need you to use a pen, INKredible only requires you to use your fingertips. Simply glide your fingers over the notepad to take your notes, and the faster you make the stroke, the finer the letters.

INKredible has notability vs goodnotes a shortcut to your gallery, where you may add images to your notes and you are not limited in how far your imagination can go. This is also an excellent app for authors who want to have a realistic writing experience. Furthermore, the app includes an eraser, and you can simply alter your work or go back and click the undo settings, allowing its users to have an error-free writing experience.

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4. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft, the world’s largest software firm, was formed in 1975. Microsoft has created a plethora of applications throughout the years, but OneNote is the most beneficial for digital planning. Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking app that is useful in everyday situations. You can use this app to take short notes on your Android device, move notes between sections, and even record voice notes. Not only is this an excellent way to increase productivity, but it may also be used to record lectures. Microsoft OneNote for Android, unlike GoodNotes, supports speech recognition.

Microsoft OneNote also includes a sticky note tool that allows you to create, erase, and share sticky notes. This is a terrific approach to staying on top of important chores. Furthermore, Microsoft OneNote can sync with your devices and send notes from your Android device to your PC.

5. Xournal++

Xournal++ is a digital planner that works on multiple platforms. The app is fast and adaptable, and it has received a feature upgrade from Xournal – the recent rewrite has made this app more functional, giving it a perfect alternative to the still-in-development GoodNotes app. Xournal++ supports handwriting and includes a customized pen, eraser, and highlighter to help users organize and access their notes.

Furthermore, the app employs layers to keep track of your notes and page previews to keep you up to speed on your work. The Xournal++ has improved note-taking capabilities by letting users add images and forms that can rotate to different degrees. This app is an excellent choice for students because it has a Latex editor and can generate equations, circuits, or molecular structure formulas.

Xournal++ can also be easily customized to meet the needs of different users. For increased productivity, you can design your layout or use a plug-in. Another useful feature of the app is the ability to record audio while writing. Students can use this tool to record lectures and then listen to them later using the ‘Play Object’ feature.

However, because Xournal++ is an upgrade, there are a few issues with mobile devices. Although the app may open and display files on your mobile device, it does not support background operations. This app, on the other hand, is still officially available on Android, web apps, and iOS, and it has made more effort in building its app for Android users.

6. NoteLedge

Kdan mobile software Ltd’s NoteLedge is a digital notebook. It has sophisticated tools for documenting ideas, organizing to-do lists, and taking notes. This app was designed for students, but it is also useful for writers and artists. NoteLedge allows you to collect and organize text, audio, and photos.

The app also assists artists in creating art, films, or music. NoteLedge is a free application that supports over ten languages. As a result, goodnotes for windows if you want a one-size-fits-all planner, NoteLedge is for you. The simple design also allows users to quickly navigate through the numerous functions.

7. FiiNote

FiiNote provides an infinite number of expressions, and users can utilize the handwriting feature to compose notes, record, doddle, or take photos. FiiNote is one of the greatest GoodNotes alternatives since it allows you to express yourself in a fun way.

For example, if you’re having writer’s block while taking notes, simply go back and doodle your troubles away to boost your attention, creativity, and productivity. FiiNote also offers a security encryption feature that ensures the privacy and security of your data.

In comparison to GoodNotes, FiiNote is the most convenient app for Android devices. Although the GoodNotes beta version is free, FiiNote offers four membership levels at reasonable costs. You can start with the free version and then upgrade to a monthly subscription for as little as $0.50/month or as much as $8.25/month.

8. Quillnote

Quillnote is an open-source digital planner that is free to use. You are assured of privacy, and your notes will not be uploaded anywhere without your permission. The absence of advertisements makes the app clean and enjoyable to use.

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Even though it is a free edition, Quillnote offers many useful features to its users. You may take notes, make lists, and even set reminders. Quillnote differs from GoodNotes in that it supports markdown. You can take notes in style by italicizing, bolding, adding headings, or using code blocks.

The app also has a task list where you may write, reorganize, and mark off completed activities or swipe them away. The function increases your productivity and keeps you informed about your next assignment.

You may also add reminders to your notes; reminders are useful for making sure you don’t forget about upcoming events or chores. This app is perfect for daily use to increase productivity and manage your time. Quillnote, unlike other software programs, is lightweight and uses little of your device’s resources. You can also sync your notes with Nextcloud without the app tracking your data.

9. Google Keep

For Android users, Google Keep is one of the greatest GoodNotes alternatives. It is easily available to Android users, has a user-friendly interface, and is simple to use. But there’s more: you can record a voice memo and Google Keep will transcribe it for you to review later. Unlike with GoodNotes, where you must enter your recorded audio, this saves you time.

You can also easily upload and find a photo, poster, or receipt. Google Keep supports task labeling and sync sharing with friends and family, and you can interact in real-time, making it a terrific way to organize events or work remotely without interfering with delivery.

The app is color coded and labeled to assist you in organizing and accessing your work more quickly. This app allows you to sync your work with your computer, tablet, phone, and even Android wearables, making it ideal for work on the go. Google Keep also syncs with the calendar and displays calendar reminders. It supports annotations and allows you to import and export files between devices.

Google Keep can be accessed over the web or by downloading the app from the Google Play Store. Its subscription starts at $1.99 a month for 100GB, however, there is a 15GB free trial. However, users have found value for money because it is a basic yet useful app for individuals or freelancing. It is also widely distributed, with over 50 languages supported.

10. LectureNotes

LectureNotes is a top-rated Android note-taking app that allows you to take notes by handwriting on the screen. This app is increasingly popular with students and professors. It has, nevertheless, acquired popularity among business executives and salesmen who desire a quick way to send notes or reminders. LectureNotes is a highly configurable app with few interruptions. When you launch it, three icons appear: plus, share, and trash.

You can even go all-in by incorporating LectureNotes’ two most useful additions, LectureRecording and LectureVideos. Furthermore, when using the app, LectureNotes displays your work in full-screen mode, with no blinking icons or social network notifications.

Other features include four standard pencil colors, eighteen bespoke pencils, seven eraser sizes, and three standard pencil widths. It also offers cut, copy, and paste capabilities, as well as the ability to back up and restore your notes. If you have the Evernote app loaded on your phone, LectureNotes can be integrated.

You can test the app’s performance right now by signing up for an unlimited free trial. After the free trial, you must purchase a monthly subscription to continue using the app, which starts at $5.99 per month.

11. Handwrite Pro

Handwrite is a note-taking and sketching app that uses vectors. This implies that you can zoom in on your work or drawing without impacting the quality of it. To take notes, you can use your finger or a stylus with Handwrite Pro. This app also offers a straightforward user interface that makes taking notes and drawing simple and quick.

Handwrite Pro is available in two packages: free and economical. Users can draw with an active pen, generate PDF files, import photos, vector point manipulation, vector graphics, copy and paste, unlimited page sizes, and various paper sizes with the free software. Although this app may be used to take notes, it has mostly been designed for artists who want to take their works to the next level, and with the help of this app, artists can do so.

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Users of the economy plan have access to all premium features, including a calligraphic pen, a filled pen, the ability to import and export files with annotations, and synchronization with Google Drive.

12. Touchnotes

Touchnotes is a handwriting note-taking tool that is most commonly used in education and business. You can, however, continue to use this app for everyday personal note-taking. Aside from taking notes, you can also make video calls to multiple individuals at once to brainstorm ideas. Images, PDF files, and a pen box with multiple pens, bookmarks, and hyperlinks are also supported by the app.

This app also includes several paper sizes, and you may manually adjust your paper size. Touchnotes also provides zoom writing, a unique feature that allows you to easily annotate or add bookmarks.

13. Notewise

Notewise is an app for taking notes on Android devices. Students, teachers, professionals, and artists are among its most frequent users. Notewise is an excellent app for taking academic notes, creating slide presentations, memos, trip diaries, and even keeping a diary.

Writing notes with your finger or the keypad, highlighting text, adding photographs from the device’s gallery, and customizing notes by modifying font sizes are just a few of its highlights.

Although this app is competent and can accomplish a variety of activities, it is most suited for using graphics such as drawings, as most functions work wonderfully. However, you can connect drawings to your sentences.

14. Metamoji Note

Metamoji Note is the last of the top GoodNotes replacements for Android. This app is popular among Android users since it simulates the sensation of a genuine notepad. It contains handwriting functions, but you can also enter lists or work on it using the keyboard. Graphics, drawings, and photos can also be added to your words.

Even better, you may download PDF books to Metamoji Note, highlight texts, and use all of these capabilities for free. Go to the Google Play Store and download the app to use Metamoji Note. Following that, you may launch it and begin writing.

15. Butterfly

This straightforward, intuitive, and simple-to-use app is first on the list. It offers a user-friendly UI, and users can effortlessly use the app.The Butterfly app is fully customizable to meet your needs, including the ability to create unique colors, paper sizes, and palettes.

The ability to import and export photos and PDF files is one commonality between GoodNotes and Butterfly. Butterfly Notes is also available in a variety of languages, making it excellent for users who do not speak English.

In Butterfly, however, unlike GoodNotes, you can view your notes offline and edit, draw, paint, and even export files without an online connection. You can also take photos and save them to your notes or import them from your gallery.

This makes it simple to work on school projects or choose an app to help creatives bring their ideas to life. The Butterfly app is also open source and free, which means that users can offer improvements.

Frequently asked Questions:

Which are good apps like GoodNotes but free?

Notability, Apple Notes, and Google Keep are some good apps like GoodNotes that are free. A couple of them also have paid subscription options, but if you don’t want to pay to organize your notes, their free versions can accomplish practically everything.

Which are apps like GoodNotes for Android?

Apps like GoodNotes for Android include Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, and Evernote. All of them have received positive feedback from users and include sufficient capabilities to make any notes activity creative.

Is GoodNotes for Apple only?

The GoodNotes app is, indeed, only accessible for Apple devices. It is compatible with iPad, Mac, and iPhone, but not with any other company’s devices, including Android.

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Final Words:

GoodNotes is a straightforward app that includes a plethora of professional tools and capabilities. It can help you manage your business, studies, and everyday life. However, if you still want to use an alternative, apps like GoodNotes, which are discussed in the preceding article, might do a terrific job.


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