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Top 9 Best TreeSize Alternatives Latest Tools In 2023

Having a suitable TreeSize replacement on your computer will put an end to your disc space issues. One excellent solution is all that is required to effortlessly manage multiple drives. And once this gem is in place, you can also ascertain the total size of the various folders on your drives.

In addition, you won’t have to struggle with complex numbers and figures because the optimal program will be able to display all the data in the form of easy-to-read tables and charts. Well, we’ve compiled the best of the available options, so peruse our list and choose the one that best suits you.

Top 9 Best TreeSize Alternatives Latest Tools In 2023:

Here are some details about TreeSize free Alternatives that can be found in this article: There are numerous disc analyzer and cleanser options, and TreeSize is one of them. However, if you find TreeSize free download to be irritating, the alternatives listed below can be of assistance. Find an appropriate replacement for your Windows or Mac computer.

1. SpaceSniffer

SpaceSniffer can effectively supplant WinDirStat for organizing disc space on a Windows machine. This free software is modest and kind to your computer, so it will not consume a great deal of data. Instead, it will improve the performance of the computer.

The portable scanning device has a multitude of features, such as a zoomable user interface and components that function like a web browser. With drag-and-drop support, it is straightforward to analyze and clean your hard drive.

This program also features a pop-up interface for Windows folders, robust filtering to restrict the viewable content, astute cache checking, and numerous other capabilities. Moreover, it can scan NTFS.

2. WizTree

WizTree should be considered if you need an alternative to WinDirStat that scans. It promises to scan your hard drive 46 times faster than WinDirStat, sparing you time while locating “space hogs.” Its speedy scan is made possible by its ability to read the Master File Table (MFT) from the disc.

WizTree prioritizes high accuracy in addition to rapid scouring by not counting the same treesize download free hard-linked files twice. This distinguishing characteristic enables the program to allocate storage space appropriately. In addition, you can use the visual tree map to ascertain the sizes of even the largest files.

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This software does not necessitate additional effort on your part because it automatically organizes directories. WizTree is free for non-commercial use. However, commercial use will incur a fee.

3. Disk Recon

Disc Recon by Blacksun Software facilitates disc space information disclosure. The likelihood of running out of hard disc space increases as the speed of your computer decreases. You can use this instrument to determine where it went and how to retrieve it.

Hard disc management is made simpler by several features that facilitate diverse operations, such as searching for files and detecting duplicates. In addition, you can construct custom filters, determine file size, and rename multiple files at once. Also, look for enormous file listings on Windows

Among programs comparable to WinDirStat, Disc Recon is economical and lightweight. Additionally, it has an intuitive interface that is suitable for novices. This application allows you to maintain the performance of your computer.

4. SpaceMonger

Use SpaceMonger to speed up a slow computer. The purpose of this disc cleaning tool is to quickly free up space on shared networks and devices’ hard drives. Once downloaded, a quick scan of the system is feasible with a single click. Examine the outcome to determine the necessary next steps.

SpaceMonger can scan, map, and maintain your hard drive download treesize in addition to copying and deleting files to free up disc space. It is also effective at locating large files and folders, thanks to the lucid Treemap representations.

It is simple to locate files due to the search’s adaptability. Using user-defined criteria, file size, and file type, it is possible to rapidly locate specific files. SpaceMonger works well with Windows XP and subsequent versions. If you are looking for a lightweight and user-friendly disc analyzer, this program should be at the top of your list.

5. Disk Analyzer Pro

Using Disc Analyser Pro to manage files and free up disc space is a brilliant method. When a Windows or Mac computer becomes sluggish, the hard drive space may become cluttered with junk and unnecessary files. This application aids in scanning and analyzing the disc to determine its utilization so that the appropriate action can be taken.

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Disc Analyser Pro provides the same capability as WinDirStat to eliminate unnecessary files and outdated data. Consequently, you can improve system performance and reclaim storage space. In addition, it administers and organizes data storage.

Using Disc Analyser Pro, you can locate the largest directories and earliest files. Because both files require storage space, you may need to delete one or both. With the aid of a comprehensive report on disc space utilization, you can prudently manage disc space.

6. JDiskReport

Utilise JDiskReport to rapidly determine how much space your files occupy on your hard drive. Numerous easy-to-use features aid in managing and assessing disc space so that you can determine how to resolve performance issues. This application’s intuitive user interface makes it simple to operate.

Similar to other disc analyzer programs, JDiskReport enables you to locate unused and obsolete files and folders. In addition, it analyses disc devices and displays statistical information in tables or graphs. Additionally, it provides a top 50 section that allows you to scrutinize 50 large files in various locations.

In addition, it includes pre-installed themes for enhanced visual presentation. Modify the user interface to alter the hard disc management experience. This freebie without ads is the finest of the season. On Windows, Linux, and Mac, disc analysis can proceed uninterrupted.

7. HDGraph

The Windows-compatible interactive disc analyzer HDGraph provides a unique method for freeing up space on your hard drive. It incorporates a recognizable circular ring chart that displays disc space information. The largest data is in the center, and it decreases in size as it extends outward.

This is an uncommon method for displaying data that is exclusive to this display. As each area can now be double-clicked for additional investigation, the situation is improving. If you’re tired of tabular or standard charts, HDGraph offers some interesting, customizable charts.

In addition to hard drives, the application functions well with network directories, CDs, and USB drives. When you find large, unnecessary files or folders, choose to delete them to conserve storage space treesize portable. In conclusion, HDGraph is a highly recommended application, particularly if you need a disc analysis tool with a small download size. Check out WinDirStat alternatives as well.

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8. TweakNow DiskAnalyzer

The next item on the list is TweakNow DiskAnalyzer, which exposes which files on your hard drive are taking up the most space. Utilizing this program is a breeze, even without perusing the manual, as a result of its user-friendly layout. Your hard drive can be analyzed in a matter of minutes!

The primary sections of this utility are Summary and General. Management should be performed in the Summary section rather than the General section, which catalogs and displays facts alongside their size. Additionally, you can determine what to do with the 20 largest files on your hard drive.

TweakNow provides the option to delete any unnecessary files discovered during an investigation to free up disc space. This program’s ability to generate reports with a simple visualization is one of its finest features. With the aid of a straightforward bar graph, you can rapidly determine which file occupies the most space on the disc.

9. DiskSavvy

This disc space analyzer is beneficial for resolving storage issues on a computer. It features a straightforward and uncomplicated layout that makes handling and scanning your hard drive simple. This tool has many features, including a disc analyzer and a file locator.

Its outstanding customizability options are essential to its suitability for personal use. In addition to filtering files by categories such as modification time, accessed time, extension, and even user name, you can also investigate the utilization of hard drive space.

This alternative to WinDirStat incorporates pie charts and data to enhance the user experience. To introduce additional functionality, plugins are supported. However, if you wish to use more advanced features, such as command line and network device support, you will need to purchase the premium edition.


The software in issue is a disc management application developed by JAM software, according to its description. Now, whereas this particular name catered exclusively to Windows users, our extensive TreeSize alternatives collection includes options that can be utilized by both Windows and Mac OS X users. Now, regardless of the system you utilize, you will have a clear view of your total disc space. Please let us know which option you chose.


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