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Top 10 Best Chewy Online Pet Store Alternatives in 2023

Chewy is an online pet retailer that has transformed the way we buy pet food and supplies. Rather than having to travel to the local pet store and hunt through aisles of supplies, Chewy promo code has made it possible to get everything we need in one location and have it delivered to our home within days. It’s difficult to find a site that offers as much as Chewy provides in terms of vitamins, meds, food, toys, collars, and first aid items.

Top 10 Best Chewy Online Pet Store Alternatives in 2023

1. BudgetPetCare

BudgetPetCare is an online store that provides low-cost pet medicines and nutrients. There is a decent range of popular pet care brands and things that treat many types of health issues, such as joint care, flea and tick medicine, wound care, and behavior management solutions. This website chewy dog food also includes a large selection of homeopathic remedies for common problems including anxiety, stomach discomfort, and skincare. It’s a fantastic internet store with a wonderful mix of pharmaceuticals and natural goods. The things, however, are limited to dogs, cats, birds, and horses. BudgetPetCare also provides exclusive offers, discounts, and free delivery.

2. Only Natural Pet vs Chewy

Only Natural Pet is a high-end online pet store with a large selection of natural pet care goods. Many dog and cat products will feature all-natural and high-quality components and materials. This website solely sells dog and cat products and offers everything you need to care for them. It offers a wide range of food and treats, toys, grooming products, vitamins, and other pet goods. There are also many fantastic bargains and discounts available throughout the year. If you fulfill the pricing criterion, you can also get free shipping. As a result, there are several options to save money on natural pet supplies, which are often pricey.

3. Petco vs Chewy

Petco is yet another huge pet supply chain that offers a wide range of pet care products. Because it sells goods for all life phases, it is an excellent choice for owners of young pups and kittens. Petco, like Chewy login and PetSmart, offers a variety of promotions and discounts for auto-shipping and curbside pickup. Along with supplies for all types of pets, you may also purchase farm animal supplies. There are several care items available for hens, horses, and pigs. However, Petco does not have a large selection of exotic pet supplies. Petco is an excellent retailer for all sorts of customers, including in-store, kerbside pickup, and delivery.

4. Allivet vs Chewy

Allivet provides a wide range of pet care items for a variety of animals. There is a good assortment of things for most pets, however, there aren’t many items for tiny pets and reptiles. Allivet’s inventory is mostly focused on health care, so you can chewy com discover a wide range of pharmaceuticals and cures for various bodily illnesses and demands, including flea and tick medication, vitamins, and prescription treatments. Furthermore, many pharmaceutical prices are similarly affordable. Allivet provides free delivery if you spend a specific amount, and the website has a live chat option where you may speak with an expert if you have any queries about an item.

5. Pet Supplies Plus vs Chewy

Pet Supplies Plus has a large selection of pet supplies for a diverse range of animals. It also features a free membership program that offers exceptional discounts on a variety of products. You may also accrue points to spend for further discounts on purchases. Although this pet supplies firm provides kerbside pickup and delivery, it only ships to homes within 7 miles of a real shop location. As a result, if you do not reside near a Pet Supplies Plus location, you will be unable to have things delivered to your house.

6. EntirelyPets vs Chewy

EntirelyPets has a wide range of pet products, although it mostly caters to the needs of dogs and cats. There are several drugs and vitamins available for dogs, as well as a decent selection of both quality and low-cost food, treats, and toys. This pet supplies company offers a membership program in which you may collect points to get discounts on future purchases. It also offers a referral incentive, so if a buddy opens an account or makes a purchase, you may earn even more incentives. Along with membership perks, EntirelyPets frequently provides specials and special promotions, so keeping an eye on this website is a good idea.

7. PetCareRX vs Chewy

PetCareRx features a large assortment of medication and supplements for dogs and cats, as well as a variety of other goods such as food, furnishings, and toys. Many of the prescriptions have comparable pricing, and you may save even more money by using the site’s daily discounts and promotions. Purchasing prescription medicine is also a reasonably quick and straightforward process. If you love shopping at PetCareRx, you may upgrade to a premium membership that provides up to 40% off goods, unlimited free delivery, and other savings options. If you want to purchase a wide range of health-related items, this is a fantastic Chewy choice.

8. Amazon

Amazon provides a huge assortment of pet supplies for all types of pets, and you may frequently discover stuff for unusual species. Amazon also offers a dedicated pet supply area, making it simple to access and find pet items. Amazon often has daily bargains, and you can frequently save money on pet supplies or receive a discount on some overstocked items. It features a good assortment of economical and quality pet food brands, but not as many as other pet supply stores like PetSmart and Petco. Amazon also does not sell prescription pet medication, although it does sell basic health care and grooming goods, as well as some flea and tick treatments. Nothing is more handy than free shipping and quick arrival. Amazon is a terrific site to look for everything other than your pet’s medications and potentially specialty things!

9. The Animal Rescue vs Chewy

Visit The Animal Rescue’s pet supplies area if you wish to purchase for a good cause. Despite the limited options, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity. The Animal Rescue offers a unique assortment of essential pet care goods for dogs and cats, but no food. Because it is a charity website, it does not provide discounts on anything. However, there are a few deals here and there.

10. PetSmart

PetSmart is a major online shopping website that sells supplies for practically all types of pets, except many exotic creatures. It’s an excellent one-stop-shop and a viable choice for households with many pets. Some brands are also available that are not available on Chewy. PetSmart also features a huge pharmacy and an easy method for delivering prescription prescriptions to your house. Another big advantage of purchasing at PetSmart is the availability of bargains and discounts. PetSmart’s website generally has some form of promotion or bargain, so check back frequently to see if you can take advantage of any deals for your pets. Because of its extensive selection, simple shipment and delivery method, and specialized care, we feel PetSmart is a top-tier Chewy Online Pet Store option.

Selecting an Online Pet Store

While you may not be seeking a specific product, where you purchase your pet’s supplies is a critical decision. Most pet owners want to buy from a website that has a variety of products. Let’s have a look at a few things to think about.

Product Offering

There is no use in purchasing with an online pet store if it does not provide a wide variety of things for you to browse. Sometimes you know precisely what you want and can easily find it. Other times, you aren’t sure what you’re searching for and require a large number of possibilities to compare.

When an online business has hundreds of goods to pick from, filters make it simple to limit your options. The more goods a website provides, the more probable it is that you will discover exactly what you’re looking for.


Have you ever gone online shopping thinking you’d stayed within your budget, only to be surprised by the amount of shipping when you arrive at the checkout? Free delivery is something that many internet customers search for. Most online retailers will not provide free delivery unless you establish an account or spend a specific amount of money with them. This isn’t great for someone who is simply spending a few dollars, but it might be useful when you have a large number of things to purchase at once.


Sales are one method businesses attract you into their stores. The same is true for internet pet retailers. When an online pet store has a lot of deals, it brings more traffic to its website and may help you save a lot of money all year.


We hope that these evaluations have demonstrated that you do not have to rely solely on Chewy for all of your pet supply requirements. While Chewy is fantastic, it is occasionally out of stock on the goods you require right now. Other websites enter the picture at this point. Amazon, in our opinion, is the best alternative for this. However, Petco and PetSmart do an adequate job as well.


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