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Top 11 Best Outpost Alternatives To Free Online In 2023

Sierra Online’s Outposts is a Construction and Management Simulation. According to the game’s plot, a large Outpost asteroid named Vulcan’s Hammer was heading directly for Earth. The only way for a corporation to survive was to colonize other worlds. A ship is sent into space to investigate the case, but it Outpost vanishes as it approaches Jupiter. The player’s ultimate goal is to find a new planet and fill it with human life.

It offers a slightly distinct gameplay experience when compared to other construction games. The player has a limited number of resources with which to construct structures and units. The game offers an isometric perspective like SimCity, allowing the player to recolonize the planet while dealing with vital challenges. Outpost has a well-written plot, simple controls, and stunning visual details. If you enjoy constraint and management games like SimCity, you should give it a shot.

Top 11 Best Outpost Alternatives To Free Online In 2023:

In this article, you can know about Outpost Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Kayako

Kayako is a feature-rich help desk that also includes a shared inbox. The shared inbox technology is primarily concerned with uniting your customers’ interactions across email, Facebook, Twitter, and live chat channels while keeping all discussions organized and accessible. It’s possible to get a better understanding of the world’s most important issues by using a tool like Kayak.

Why We Recommend This Tool

Keep all client conversations from various social media in one inbox for smooth customer support.

  • – Work behind the scenes in chat to address concerns and ensure that customers receive the most relevant information.
  • – Assign emails automatically based on their content.

2. ClientFlow

It’s possible that you’ll be able to find a job if you’re looking for a job. Its easy user design makes managing customer interactions, approval, and time tracking a breeze.

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Why We Recommend This Tool

  • – Assign discussions to certain groups depending on their ability to log in and swiftly go to the emails most relevant to them.

3. Front

Front, a popular shared inbox programme, focuses on saving time by centralising account management. You can answer to emails, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and live chat all from within the app, giving customers a significantly better experience regardless of where they connect from. Another useful feature is the ability to alter an email as a group, much like Google Docs. This encourages teamwork while preventing duplicate actions. With Front, you can connect your inbox to over 50 other apps, ranging from Asana to HubSpot, like wise.

Why We Recommend This Tool

  • – Simple collaboration when you tag people in email comments to explain issues or gather context.
  • – Integrates with your prefered CRM and many service apps to increase the flexibility of your procedures.

4. Missive

The missive is more of a full email client than a shared inbox service. According to the company, “the e-mail part of the application must be so good that users want to consume all of their e-mail accounts in it.” Check out Push Notification Services as well.

Keeping this in mind, Missive Outpost displays all of your e-mail accounts, including personal ones. Missive supports all e-mail configurations, allowing you to manage group inboxes, as well as Facebook, SMS, and Twitter accounts, from a single spot. Check out Remote Employee Onboarding as well.

Why We Recommend This Tool

  • – Reduce confusion caused by e-mail scheduling by sending talks to the appropriate teams based on their content.
  • – In e-mail comments, support groups can simply collaborate.

5. Helpmonks

Helpmonks is one of the few shared inbox programs that allow you to host your server while still having access to basic features like internal notes, email tasks, auto-tagging, and automated responses. The solution includes data-storage capabilities that transform your shared mailbox into a full-featured CRM. It’s an economical solution and one of the few apps with no user limit on their basic subscription, making it a safe bet for businesses of any size.

Why We Recommend This Tool

  • – Automated labels, sorts, and assigns talks to distinct groups based on their content in order to organise emails and eliminate the clutter of shared inboxes.
  • – Multiple reps can work in the inbox at the same time, and integrated collision defence prevents them from working on the same e-mails.
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6. Helprace

Helprace is a ticketing system that offers shared inbox functionality, much like Ticketmaster. You’ll be able to route tickets immediately depending on a sender’s user group, company, or other factors, in addition to conventional functionality like internal notes or tags. Helprace also allows you to personalize your responses so that they seem like emails to your customers. If you prefer something different, you may use the visual editor to create a custom design.

Why We Recommend This Tool

  • – Within your shared inbox, create four channels (concerns, concepts, difficulties, and appreciation) so that support teams can simply understand the type of action necessary and obtain the resources they require before responding.

7. Helpwise

A shared inbox for not only e-mail but also SMS messaging, WhatsApp, live chat, and social media is provided by Help Wise. There are no shared emails; instead, each user receives their own -password, making it an excellent security solution. Furthermore, it allows you to collaborate with other team members in real-time Outpost via chat capability, as well as allocate or tag communications to the appropriate team member. Finally, with built-in crash detection, you’ll never have a duplicate-email issue again. It also comes with a variety of combos to help you get the most out of it.

Why We Recommend This Tool

  • – Easily access customer conversations across all of your support channels, from SMS to email to WhatsApp to social media.
  • – Integrates with your prefered service tools to let teams get the information they need about a customer before responding.

8. Help Scout

Assist Scout emphasizes their shared inbox tool, but they are a full platform with a knowledge base and live chat for your website. Using this feature, your team will be able to access all sports for contact, including stored responses and personal comments. It is designed for speed and performance, thus the user interface is structured, and there are effective automatic activities that reduce the amount of time representatives spend on each work. The best part? It is integrated with HubSpot.

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Why We Recommend This Tool

  • – Create automatic responses to enquiries with specific subject lines to address standard assistance needs while allowing support teams to focus on high-touch issues.
  • – Using the reference feature, you can tag other agents in tickets to draw their attention to relevant issues.

9. Cerb

Sponsored Email Inboxes: Forwards emails from your server and connects email customers via Zapier. Also, look into CMS Tools.

Unlike some of the other services on our list, Cerb positions itself as a fully customizable workspace where you may create collaborative workspaces. Notices, calendars, project boards, and community websites are all part of the shared mailbox. To improve your productivity, it comes with features like webhooks, plugins, and APIs. Check out the logo and branding as well.

Why We Recommend This Tool

  • – A highly personalised collaborative email inbox to help you best serve your customers.
  • – Project management tools, like normal reaction times and calendars, make team workflow easier.

10. DragApp

DragApp is a collaborative workspace that claims to have “everything teams require to get work done.” The software application is divided into three sections: a shared inbox for collaboration, task management tools for workflow, and an internal group chat for collaboration. The goal is to close the gap between e-mail and jobs while successfully serving consumers. The activity log, e-mail assignments and notes, shared draughts, accident detection, and automatic processes are all available in the shared inbox.

Why We Recommend This Tool

  • – In e-mail comments, support groups can simply collaborate.

11. Hiver

Hiver, a Chrome plugin, may be a fantastic solution for your team if you utilise Gmail as your e-mail client. It allows you to manage and collaborate on shared inboxes directly from your Gmail inbox, resulting in a low Outpost learning curve because you retain your original inbox experience. It also has standard shared inbox features like automation, tags, internal debates, and email delivery.

Why We Recommend This Tool

  • – Easily distribute work and track email development to guarantee consumers receive the help they require on time.
  • – For seamless procedures, comment, communicate, and share notes with groups without leaving the app.

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