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Top 21 Best Niconico Alternatives To Watch Videos

Niconico is a Japanese website for exchanging videos. It is owned by Dwango and is the most reliable site for locating popular videos in Japan. It is arguably the most popular website in Japan. Niconico is so ubiquitous that people from around the world are interested in gaining access to the platform’s entertainment content. However, the site is geo-blocked and cannot be accessed from locations other than Japan.

The operation of geo-blocking is uncomplicated. An IP address is assigned to everyone using the Internet. This IP address can be used for location tracking. Because you are located outside of Japan, a site like download Niconico video can detect your location and stop you from accessing its content. Streaming sites typically geo-block their content because they only have the right to broadcast it in a specific country. The good news is that this geo-restriction can be circumvented by using a VPN.

How to Watch Niconico With a VPN

A VPN enables you to access the internet through an encrypted server, making it impossible to track your activity. Typically, this server is located in a distinct location from your actual location. VPNs circumvent geographical restrictions. In the case of sites such as Niconico, you must use a Japanese server to access the site from locations outside Japan. The site would recognize your server’s address as its own and grant you access. Just follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Download a VPN and register
  2. Select a server in the country you want to access (Japan in this case)
  3. Now, go to your browser and try to access the Niconico website. You will discover that you can access the site and all its content.

Top 21 Best Niconico Alternatives To Watch Videos

1. AOL Video

AOL Video, a platform for sharing viral videos, is one of the websites most similar to LiveLeak. With its extensive library of hundreds of thousands of videos, AOL Video ensures that it caters to all types of viewers and entertains them to the point where they will return to the site.

Although AOL Video’s content is its primary focus, visitors can also access videos and entertainment-related content from other sites. Explore, My Queue, and Shows are categories that you can use to navigate the website. In addition, you can access older films through their archives. The greatest feature of AOL Video is that it does not require registration or a formal sign-up procedure to view videos, and the website is simple to navigate.

Website: https://www.aol.com/video

2. Metacafe

Metacafe is a great alternative for those who lament Liveleak’s engaging user interface and extensive video library. Additionally, Metacafe is frequently updated with new videos and contains easily navigable sections such as trending, newest, and most popular videos.

Comedy, science, sports, popular culture, how-to, video games, and entertainment are all represented in the extensive video library on Metacafe. Similar to LiveLeak, Metacafe allows users to watch videos without establishing an account; however, an account is required to upload videos.

Website: http://www.metacafe.com

3. DailyMotion

For up-to-date information on global events, browse through your DailyMotion stream and watch hundreds of free videos. Dailymotion is a notable video storage and sharing service that offers free content on a variety of topics, including well-known and prominent musicians. You can also subscribe to entertaining channels to receive their content in your feed.

Although you can watch as many videos as you want on DailyMotion, they are not categorized in any way. However, you are free to explore the website and locate entertaining videos. It is the greatest alternative to NicoNico for watching videos.

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Website: https://www.dailymotion.com/us

4. Vimeo

Vimeo is unquestionably one of the most comparable websites to NicoNico, and it is significantly better organized than the majority of its free online video-sharing competitors. The website offers paid membership options with additional features, in addition to free video content. Vimeo is well-known for its extensive collection of high-quality video uploads, although the video content is a combination of site-hosted and user-generated material.

Website: https://vimeo.com

5. YouTube

This colossus needs no introduction and is the go-to resource for all video-related information. YouTube, one of the most popular sites comparable to NicoNico, provides all forms of video content to attract an international audience.

There is so much customized video content on the website that you will be glued to your screens for hours. YouTube should be scrutinized because it provides free online video creation and viewing.

Website: https://www.youtube.com

6. Flickr

Did you know that Flickr also provides video hosting? Flickr does not fail when it comes to free video viewing, as there is an abundance of breathtaking video content to choose from. In addition to displaying videos through user-generated content, Flickr also effectively administers your media assets. Additionally, Flickr can be used as a social media handle. To upload videos, users must establish an account. To watch videos, you should contemplate this alternative to NicoNico.

Website: https://www.flickr.com

7. eBaum’s World

Ebaums’ World should be on your radar if you have a great deal of leisure time and enjoy watching comedic films online. It is comparable to websites like Rabbit, which offer a wide range of video genres. Additionally, you can filter video content by categories such as failures, war videos, quips, etc.

Ebaum’s World is one of the most well-known websites comparable to NicoNico where users can obtain free images, games, and channels. This website’s interface is overloaded with advertisements, but you can at least upload videos and gain fame!

Website: https://www.ebaumsworld.com

8. MyVidster

MyVidster also facilitates seamless integration with other platforms, allowing users to collect all of their favorite films on a single platform, making it a viable alternative to NicoNico. Does it make sense? There are more to come. You can also upload videos to MyVidster and follow other users on the site to view their videos.

On MyVidster, you can view a variety of videos and browse collections from other websites such as NicoNico, Vevo, Funny or Die, and many others.

Website: https://www.myvidster.com

9. Veoh

Veoh offers numerous free videos, movies, music, and other forms of content that will immediately captivate visitors due to its user-friendly and uncomplicated layout. Veoh’s video content encompasses multiple genres, including how-to, action and adventure, comedy, and horror. It is one of the finest sites similar to NicoNico.

It is also an excellent location to discover new anime content and watch the newest films online. Nevertheless, what’s the catch? Users must register on the website before uploading any content.

Website: https://www.veoh.com

10. Kawaiifu

Kawaiifu is an English-speaking video-sharing website. The On-Screen Comment tool, which was inspired by the Japanese website NicoNico Douga, is the most distinctive feature that they are attempting to market. Kawaiifu’s popularity stems from the fact that it is exceedingly user-friendly for both anime veterans and newcomers. When you select an anime title on Kawaiifu, a summary of the entire series will appear. There are some of the most captivating stories ever told in anime. As a result, new readers can read the summary and determine what type of story to read.

Website: https://Kawaiifu.com

11. DTube

When you visit DTube, you will believe that it is not affiliated with LiveLeak. There are differences between the two platforms despite their comparable appearance. YouTube has strict standards, in contrast to DTube, which permits pornographic and other content. DTube is an excellent application that enables users to observe live feeds of high quality. You may also freely view videos and publish content on our website. However, you must first create an account. The frequent content revisions on this website also contribute to its standing as one of the top NicoNico competitors. You will never run out of content to watch on YouTube.

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Website: https://d.tube

12. BitChute

BitChute is another well-known alternative to LiveLeak on the list of video-streaming websites. The website is loaded with high-quality content that will keep you occupied for an entire day or longer. Whether one is interested in sports, anime, animation, politics, travel, music, or education, there is something for everyone. The website’s video library is an additional distinguishing feature. You’ll find high-quality, entertaining films, and new content is always available; all you need to do to get started is register and sign in.

Website: https://www.bitchute.com

13. Tizmos

There is a distinction between labor and recreation. This is how the world operates in which we reside. And now that homeschooling and informal education is growing in prominence, participation is mandatory. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, gadgets are beneficial. Tizmos operates in a manner distinct from other NicoNico competitors. You can use the platform to create a page with links to instructional videos and visual aides for your students if you are a teacher. The purpose of having children use the Internet is to keep them occupied and prevent them from engaging in other activities.

Website: https://www.tizmos.com

14. Stupid Videos

Stupid Videos is the place to go if you’re prepared to laugh until your stomach hurts and be shocked by video recordings of absurd behavior. This website offers an abundance of bizarre videos that will keep your smartphone attached to your hand. If you enjoy witty content, you will enjoy this website, which has an abundance of it. This website also provides videos of stand-up comedians that are humorous.

Website: http://www.stupidvideos.com

15. The Open Video Project

The Open Video Project is dedicated to the preservation of video. The mobile interface is outmoded and difficult to use, although the website is accessible without charge. The Open Video Project cannot, therefore, take video submissions. If you have a video collection that you believe should be included in the initiative, you can contact the website administrators. Aside from that, the website serves predominantly as an educational resource. There is an extensive selection of instructional and historical videos unavailable on other platforms. It began in 1998 and contains millions of digital films, including renowned documentaries and educational programs. It is one of the finest alternatives to NicoNico.

Website: https://open-video.org

16. The Vlogs

On the online platform of The Vlogs, vloggers may publish their video diaries. The majority of the content is political and news-related. Videos uploaded by users are not subject to stringent website guidelines. Initially, users were permitted to upload recordings for free. To upload videos, however, you must subscribe to a paid membership plan. With a Level 2 membership, you can watch movies ad-free and submit up to 1 GB of data. Those with a membership of Level 3 can also live stream their videos. It is the most viable alternative to NicoNico.

Website: https://thevlogs.com

17. VEVO

Numerous users utilize YouTube to watch music videos and listen to music. VEVO is the preferred YouTube alternative for this type of video. At the moment of writing, it is one of the most popular music video websites in the world, with 450 thousand videos. Additionally, there are original music videos (VEVO originals), although Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group videos are heavily utilized.

Website: https://hq.vevo.com

18. TED

Its non-profit organization covers all significant topics, such as international politics, business, science, and technology. Its purpose is to educate people and assist them in gaining new knowledge, making it an excellent alternative to NicoNico for education.

Website: https://www.ted.com

19. PeerTube

PeerTube is a free, decentralized, and federated video network designed to compete with services such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, which concentrate our data and attention. Peer servers are interoperable as a federated network, and non-PeerTube servers can participate in the Vidiverse (federated video network) by discussing our ActivityPub implementation. In addition, P2P (BitTorrent) on a web browser using WebTorrent reduces the time required for a video to stream.

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Website: https://joinpeertube.org

20. Xfinity Video

Visit Xfinity Video if you enjoy taking a break to watch humorous, high-quality videos. In addition, the platform’s video quality will astonish you. Xfinity Video offers both a free and paid subscription with a monthly fee. You must also choose from various categories, such as lifestyle, television, money, sports, and entertainment, to discover interesting videos to watch. Additionally, you can peruse TV listings and watch television online from the comfort of your own home.

Website: https://my.xfinity.com

21. FunnyOrDie

Want to watch humorous videos while grinning from ear to ear? FunnyOrDie is indispensable software for meme fans who can’t get enough “dank memes and funny videos.” FunnyOrDie is a popular resource for finding humorous celebrity videos. Never disregard this NicoNico alternative site.

In addition to videos and parodies, FunnyOrDie offers articles that are sure to make you laugh. In addition, FunnyOrDie offers an interface that will keep you riveted to your screens.

Website: https://funnyordie.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best VPN I can use to watch Niconico outside Japan?

ExpressVPN is without a doubt the finest VPN for watching Niconico outside of Japan. It can circumvent geo-restrictions on multiple websites, including Niconico, due to its extensive and sophisticated server network. Second, its security and privacy features protect you from intrusive government or malicious entity intrusions. Furthermore, it is cross-platform compatible; ExpressVPN will likely function on any device you own. Finally, Niconico’s support staff is always available to assist with any issues that may arise when viewing the service outside of Japan.

Can I use a free VPN to watch Niconico outside Japan?

Yes, a free VPN can be used to watch Niconico outside of Japan. However, it is essential to note that we do not recommend using gratis VPNs. This is because using a free VPN to watch Niconico outside of Japan is likely to cause issues. There have been gratis VPNs containing malware. In addition, the majority of free VPNs restrict access to specific countries and lack the unblocking capabilities of premium VPNs. In addition, they have restrictions and may sell your data to the highest bidder.

Will a VPN reduce the quality of videos on Niconico?

In most circumstances, a premium VPN will not reduce the video quality of the Niconico content you watch. VPNs typically slow down your connection due to the infrastructure required to ensure your data is safe. However, premium VPNs utilize some of the quickest protocols and do everything possible to ensure that the performance reduction is imperceptible. In certain cases, such as bandwidth throttling, using a VPN can increase your connection performance. Therefore, as long as your connection speed before using a VPN exceeds the required speed for the quality of the video you intend to watch, you should have no issues with premium VPNs.

Is it safe to watch Niconico outside Japan with a VPN?

Yes, if you use a VPN to watch Niconico outside Japan, your internet connection will be protected. VPNs utilize some of the most secure available protocols, including OpenVPN, WireGuard, NordLynx, etc. In addition, they provide end-to-end encryption with a 256-bit encryption cipher that is impenetrable. In addition, VPNs offer additional security and privacy features, including zero-logging, double VPN (double encryption), Tor over VPN, etc.


It is possible to watch Niconico wherever you are in the world. You need only select a VPN from our list and connect to one of its Japanese servers. Once you have accomplished this, you will be able to stream all of the best content Niconico has to offer. No restriction can stop you at this time. You may stream for as long as you desire.


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