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Cameras On Tthe iPhone 14 Pro Are Shaking in Third-Party Apps

The release of the iPhone 14 on September 16 was met with great anticipation, primarily due to the models’ enhanced 48-megapixel Pro cameras. This update represents a significant advancement, and customers were taken aback when they saw the camera wobbling while using third-party apps.

Apple fans flocked to retail outlets over the weekend to purchase the new iPhone. They were understandably thrilled and delighted until they used iPhone third-party camera applications like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok and noticed a curious problem.

Cameras On Tthe iPhone 14 Pro Are Shaking in Third-Party Apps

The iPhone 14 Pro rear camera and lens started shaking when they were trying to take a photo or record a video in a third-party app, and it started making strange grinding and buzzing noises. As a result, the capture attempt failed. And the consensus was reached by all users, not simply a single or small number of them. Therefore, the majority of new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max purchasers share this issue on social media sites like Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction.

Fortunately, the built-in Camera app on the iPhone does not have the same issue. Also, this particular camera problem only affects iPhone Pro devices and third-party apps, not other recent iPhone models like the 14 or 14 Plus. This is good news since it suggests the problem is with the software rather than the hardware, which can be quickly addressed.

The issue has been recognised by Apple’s spokesperson Alex Kirschner, who said, “We’re aware of the issue, and a fix will be released next week,” presuming that a software update would be published to address this specific problem. Before that, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok users were cautioned against using cameras to prevent serious device damage.

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Technical Reviewers have reason to believe that these third-party applications were not ready for the new iPhone’s upgraded camera. Sadly, that was what first triggered the issue, and given how widely this problem has spread, they are encouraged to exercise greater caution in the future.


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