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Top 14 Vola Sports & Finance App Alternatives Sites in 2023

Best Vola Sports Substitutes Sites for Free Sports Streaming: You may watch live sports from major tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket, and football games with the Vola Sports app. Consider it a live rebroadcasting app with several features and functionality. Vola Sports, for example, lets you monitor your favorite teams, start a countdown before a game, and view highlights from prior matches, among other things, with the only requirement being a stable Internet connection.

The Vola Sports app offers a simple user interface that is simple enough for the average user to understand. All you have to do is launch the app, go through the daily menu, and select the content you want to view. Vola Sports also has a Picture-In-Picture mode, which reduces the game screen to a small window to allow you to multitask. Another excellent feature is the dark mode, which can be activated and deactivated by hitting the dark mode button at the top of the screen.

Top 14 Vola Sports & Finance App Alternatives Sites in 2023:

1. Vola Finance

A cash advance of up to $300 is available.

Fees: No interest | Monthly subscription price of $2,99

4.4/5 from over 16,000 users

Vola Finance promises to enhance financial awareness among millennials by providing free spending insights and smart graphics. The platform’s driving drive is to give cash flow solutions to customers with less-than-perfect credit ratings.

Users can borrow up to $300 with fast cash advances. There are no processing or interest fees. The hitch is that customers will have to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to take advantage of this possibility.

Eligibility criteria

While the network supports over 6,000 banks and credit unions, a user requesting a cash advance must have an account with one of them.

  • is three months or older
  • keeps an average balance of more than $150
  • should be active (at least once or twice each week)

chef Vola atlantic city sends the funds to the associated bank account as soon as your request is authorised. You can return before the due date, or the app will withdraw the loan amount from your account on your next paycheck. If you are behind on your bills, you can request a bill extension. They will most likely provide you with 10-day respite, but no more.

Additional Feature 

Vola guitars allows you to submit your rent or utility payments to credit agencies, allowing you to develop your credit while managing payments on your own timetable. Overall, it is a fantastic tool for tracking finances, saving money, and building a credit score that you may use in the near future.

2. Chime

A cash advance of up to $200 is available.

Fees: There are no fees.

4.7/5 from over 1,000,000 users

Chime is recognised for offering low-cost accounts with no yearly maintenance fees or overdraft fees. Users have the option of opening two types of deposit accounts: saving accounts and checking accounts. The former provide up to 2% APY, which is much more than the industry norm.

When you open an account with Chime, you will receive a debit card. It is accessible through a network of over 60,000 fee-free ATMs in retailers such as 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, Circle K, Target, and Walgreens. The software protects your money with cutting-edge security measures and helps you to get paid sooner with direct deposit.

How does it work?  

  • Download the app and sign up for a Chime Savings or Current account (it just takes two minutes).
  • Fill out a form to set up a direct deposit.
  • Once your employer approves direct deposit, you will begin receiving funds in your Chime account.
  • Manage your Chime account via the app.

“SpotMe,” Chime’s most intriguing feature, allows qualified customers to borrow up to $200 when their account balance is low. This service, however, is only available to individuals who have a monthly direct deposit of at least $200 into their Chime account.

If you meet the requirements, Chime may cover up to $200 in debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals with no interest or fees.

Additional Feature

The Chime app has a credit building function to assist you in improving your FICO score. According to the firm, consistent on-time payments may raise your credit score by an average of 30 points.

3. Empower: Instant Cash Advance

A cash advance of up to $250 is available.

Interest-free | Monthly subscription fee of $8

4.7/5 based on 175,000+ users

You can borrow up to $250 from Empower and repay it with your next salary. There are no interest or late fees, and no credit checks are required. Simply connect your bank account to the app and verify your income.

Once your account has been authorised, you can request a cash advance using the app at any time, and the funds will be sent quickly. For instant fund delivery, you may be charged a nominal fee ranging from 0.99% to 3.99%.

The following are the primary advantages of Empower’s cash advance:

  • There are no processing or late fees.
  • There is no interest or APR.
  • At a low cost, instant fund delivery is possible.
  • Repayment will be deducted automatically from your next paycheck.

If you accept a $100 fast cash advance to your bank account in exchange for a $4 instant delivery charge, Empower will withdraw $104 from your next paycheck.

What makes you eligible for Empower cash advance? 

While cash advances have no additional fees, you must first acquire a subscription plan in order to be eligible for cash advances. Empower also examines your bank account for important information such as income and spending to determine the amount of cash advance you are eligible for. Other qualifying conditions include being at least 18 years old and having a social security number.

Additional Feature 

Empower also provides a debit card with the benefits of a credit card. There are no annual or overdraft fees with this card, and it may be used for ATM withdrawals and ordinary transactions. Furthermore, you may be able to earn significant cashback at some grocery shops, petrol stations, and restaurants.

You may use this software to manage your spending, make budgets, and set financial objectives in addition to borrowing money. Configure it to get notifications when your account balance falls below a certain level or when a significant transaction occurs on your account.

4. FloatMe

Advance of up to $50
Fees: No interest | Monthly subscription charge of $1.99 | 7-day free trial available

4.7/5 from over 90,000 users

FloatMe assists you in staying ahead of your finances by allowing you to save money, avoid overdrafts, and access your paychecks sooner. It allows you to borrow up to $50 to cover foreseeable costs.

To get the funds, you must link your bank account to the app and give your job information. The app does not conduct a credit check, and the money you borrow is fully interest-free (there are no hidden fees). It does, however, require a membership to use its cash advance service.

More than 10,000 financial institutions, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Navy Federal Credit Union, USAA, and Chase, are supported by FloatMe.

Key Features

  • Transfer to debit card immediately
  • Overdraft warnings and forecasts
  • Set objectives and donate to them automatically.
  • 256-bit encryption protects user data.

If you’ve only recently signed up and linked your bank account, the app will show you how much money you may borrow. The limit is subject to vary based on a variety of variables, including your payment history and account balance. The programme does not impose late fees, but it will not allow you to get another cash advance until your existing sum is settled.

5. Brigit: Borrow & Build Credit

A cash advance of up to $250 is available.

Interest-free | The Plus plan costs $9.99 per month.

4.7/5 from over 330,000 users

Brigit streamlines personal finance by making it simpler to borrow money, return it on time, and create a credit score. Brigit users have collectively saved more than $300 million to date. Each user saves $514 on average per year, and 91% of Brigit users report a reduction in financial stress.

When you need it, the app provides interest-free money (up to $250). It does not conduct a credit check or charge processing or late payment fees. You may pay them back on your own terms.

For example, if you borrow $200 in cash, you can specify a payback date (typically within four weeks of the loan’s issuance). If you pay early or on the due date, they will not charge you an origination fee, processing fee, or tip.

Conditions to qualify for a paycheck advance 

Brigit investigates the bank account into which the funds will be placed. It primarily seeks

  • A minimum of two months old account
  • has a balance greater than $0
  • The account is being actively utilised.
  • At least three recurrent deposits from an employer are credited to the account.

The programme analyses numerous data (such as deposit amount, earnings-to-spending ratio, and account balance over time) and awards users a score between 0 and 100. The score decides whether or not consumers are eligible for the advance and how much money they may borrow.

While the free version provides certain financial insights and instructional information, users must pay a monthly membership fee to gain access to further functions such as cash advances and credit score building.

The subscription edition also allows you to monitor your credit score and receive warnings when it changes significantly. Despite the fact that certain platforms provide this option for free.

In addition, the organisation provides excellent data breach and identity theft protection. It provides coverage of up to $1 million and assists you in cancelling and replacing missing ID and credit cards.

6. Line: Instant Cash Advance

A cash advance of up to $1,000 is available.

Fees: No interest | Subscriptions begin at $2.47 per month

4.1/5 from over 28,000 users

Line Financial, a public benefit company located in the United States, created the Line app. It lets you to withdraw cash between $20 and $1000 without having to provide credit information.

No matter how much you borrow, it will have no effect on your FICO score, and you will not be charged interest or late fees. However, whether or not your request is accepted is contingent on maintaining a valid paid membership while complying to Line’s community norms.

How does it work? 

Line, like many cash advance applications, requires you to link your bank account before seeking a cash advance. To accept your request, they will evaluate your account and may seek more information.

Start with little sums and return them before the deadline to boost your chances of acceptance. On the due date, the app immediately withdraws the amount owed from your associated bank account.

Pricing structure 

The app offers three plans to fulfil the needs of all users.

  • Small ($2.47 monthly): allows you to borrow up to $50.
  • Medium ($9.97 monthly): allows you to borrow up to $500.
  • Large (about $15 per month): allows you to borrow up to $1,000.
    Credit monitoring and notifications are included in all subscriptions, as well as theft protection, dark web monitoring, and $1 million in identity theft insurance.

Additional Feature

The software assists you in tracking your spending and filing your federal and state taxes. It is free to use and supports various states and all combinations, including 1099, single, joint, and W2.

If you receive a greater tax refund through another platform, the corporation will compensate you up to $250. If they make a mistake, they will be fined up to $10,000 in IRS fines and interest.

7. Cleo: Budget and Cash Advance

A cash advance of up to $120 is available.

Interest-free | Monthly subscription fee of $5.99

4.3/5 based on 131,000+ users

Cleo is ideal for folks who need financial advances as well as budgeting tools in one spot. It may assist customers in breaking bad spending habits and meeting financial goals, all while offering zero-interest cash advances or small-term loans.

Cleo is not like most other financial platforms.

  • Does not conduct credit checks
  • There is no processing or late fee.
  • There is no minimum or maximum payback period.
    The programme sends you money, and you repay it on the specified date. That’s all there is to it; you only own what you borrow.

How does it work?

Sign up for the app and connect your bank account. Cleo then examines your bank statement to analyse your earnings and Vola spending trends after everything is in place. It then assesses how much you may borrow securely and provides you an interest-free cash advance.

The loaned money is taken automatically from your following paycheck.

Cleo does not impose interest or late fees, but it does make income through its premium membership model, Cleo Plus. This premium model provides more in-depth insights into your spending habits and recommends a personalised budget. The membership costs $3.99 per month if paid annually or $5.99 per month if paid monthly in the United States.

Additional Feature

Cleo is connected with an AI chatbot to create a more conversational and seamless personal money management experience. It enables you to swiftly and conveniently obtain critical information. For example, you may simply ask Cleo, “How much did I spend on groceries last month?” and she will respond with an accurate number based on your associated bank account.

8. EarnIn: Your Money in Advance

A cash advance of up to $750 is available.

Fees: None | There are no subscription fees.

4.7/5 based on 445,000+ users

EarnIn allows you to borrow up to $100 per day or $750 every paycheck to meet unforeseen needs. The organisation claims to provide ‘access to earned money’ rather than a ‘loan or paycheck advance.’

EarnIn, on the other hand, is more like a loan or a salary advance because it acts as a middleman, providing cash and returning it as soon as you are paid.

Its zero interest rate, no membership fee, and no credit check are what make it popular. It allows users to provide an optional gratuity when requesting an advance. Users can tip up to $14 (per advance). If users do not leave a tip, there are no fees or punishments.

How does it work? 

To begin, you must link a bank account to the app, which should take no more than 3-4 minutes. Then you have the option of requesting any sum up to $750 or $100 each day. Assume you borrow $100 with a $5 tip. On your next payday, the app will debit $105 from the associated account.

You can withdraw cash right away by paying a nominal charge ranging from $0.99 to $3.99. Without this charge, receiving cash might take up to three working days.

EarnIn has relationships with the majority of American Vola institutions, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, USAA Bank, TD Bank, Capital One, PNC Bank, and Navy Federal Credit Union.

Additional Feature

The app is connected with the Balance Shield Alert account monitoring service. It tells you when your account balance goes below a certain amount (that you choose).

If you activate “automatic cash out,” EarnIn will send up to $100 to your bank account when your balance goes below a certain amount. The whole amount transferred will be taken from your next paycheck.

9. Credit Genie

Advance of up to $100
Fees: No interest | $2.99 monthly subscription

4.3/5 from over 7,000 users

Credit Genie is a personal financial website that offers cash advances as well as solutions to help you escape the cycle of borrowing. It can analyse your spending habits and propose the best ways to get out of debt.

The software provides a one-time cash advance of up to $100. The amount of the advance you are qualified for is determined by a variety of variables, including your salary history, account balance over time, and general spending tendencies, among others. The quantity is subject to change at any time.

Furthermore, the bank account linked to the app must be at least three months old and contain at least $750 in regular direct payments every month. Although the amount borrowed is interest-free, you must subscribe to Vola the app’s premium edition (which costs $2.99) to be eligible for a cash advance.

Assume you quickly deposit $100 to your account in exchange for a $4.99 expedited delivery fee; your total cost will be $104.99. You can reimburse it at any time between 3 days and 90 days, in smaller or larger quantities.

10. Gerald

Advance of up to $215
Interest-free | Monthly subscription fee of $9.99

4.1/5 from over 7,000 users

Gerald is a simple tool for getting money to pay your bills and managing your accounts. All you need to do is link your bank account and request the funds. The software provides you with two alternatives for borrowing money:

  • Request a maximum of $215.
  • Request half of your compensation in advance.

As soon as your request is granted, the funds will be sent to your bank account. There are no processing fees or interest charges. You may pay back later or have the app debit the money from your next paycheck.

The catch is that you must pay a $9.99 monthly membership fee to use the cash advance. Furthermore, you are not permitted to borrow again until you have paid back what you have borrowed.

Gerald is also connected with tools for bill tracking, budgeting, Vola and credit monitoring, allowing you to handle everything in one spot. You may also create an FDIC-insured account with them to earn rewards and cash back.

11. Grid Money

Cash advances of up to $200 are available.

Fees: None | Grid+ is $10 per month.

4.7/5 from over 23,000 users

You can obtain advances between paychecks with the Grid Money app anytime you need them. There is no credit check, no interest cost, and no hidden fees.

You can also get a Grid debit card, which offers up to $100 in cashback benefits on qualifying transactions. This card will assist you in establishing a credit score; the more you spend using the card, the faster your score will grow. The software keeps track of all your purchases and payments and displays your predicted future credit score.

Grid+ is a premium version of the Vola software that costs $10 per month. It enables you to request several cash advances between paychecks, calculate your tax refund for next year, and obtain your return early.

Simply enter your financial and family details, pick your Grid Tax refund amount, and the app will pay you a portion of your tax return (up to $250 per month) every month. This way, you may keep more of your earnings.

12. Klover

A cash advance of up to $200 is available.

Fees: No interest | $3.99 monthly subscription

4.5/5 from over 160,000 users

Klover allows you to access your earned money early – you may get up to $200 up to two weeks before your paycheck. Simply join up by giving your name, email address, and phone number, and then connect your existing bank account to the app.

Klover does not do a credit check and offers you money at no interest. Moreover, unlike other sites, it allows you to borrow an additional Vola $30 by performing chores such as viewing advertisements or answering surveys.

While it’s a dependable cash advance app, it’s extremely pricey if you pick fast processing – it may cost you up to $9.99 to have funds transferred to your account immediately.

The repayment date is determined automatically depending on the days you get paid on a regular basis. This date cannot be changed or repaid early. After you’ve paid back, you’ll be able to request another dance within 48 hours.

13. Payday Advance

Loan Amount: Up to $5,000

APR ranges from 5.99% to 35.99%.

4.3/5 from over 2,400 users

In addition to cash advances, you may use this app to seek a short-term loan of up to $5,000. Its basic user interface Vola makes the borrowing procedure simple and quick.

It should be noted that the app is not a lender; rather, it is a platform that links you with direct lenders. It requests information that you agree to share with participating lenders. You are under no obligation to apply for credit or accept any offers.

While Payday Advance’s service is entirely free, the loan is not. Personal loan interest rates can range from 5.99% to 35.99% APR, depending on the borrower’s financial situation. Furthermore, the lowest and maximum loan tenure is often 2 months to 2 years. The conditions vary depending on the lender you work with.

14. Albert

A cash advance of up to $250 is available.

Fees: No interest | Subscriptions begin at $8 per month

4.6/5 from over 200,000 users

Albert, which was first introduced in 2016, has evolved into an all-in-one financial software that allows you to save, spend, and borrow money without worrying about interest rates. It provides various benefits to its premium subscribers, such as fee-free ATM withdrawals, cash-back incentives, and investing portfolios.

Albert’s most notable feature is its fee-free cash Vola advances. After joining up and connecting their bank accounts, eligible individuals can borrow up to $250 or receive their paycheck two days early.

It sounds great in theory, but how does it work? 

When you join up, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your current income and work history. If you qualify, Albert will make you eligible to borrow money at no interest at any moment.

Users who seek instant fund transfers are still charged a $6.99 processing fee. That cost is waived if you can wait 2-3 days. Your credit score will not change since they will not look at your credit history (not even a soft pull).

The software is connected with a variety of budgeting tools, allowing you to track income and spending in real time and set up automated bill payments.

Furthermore, the app Vola employs machine learning algorithms to precisely analyse your financial health and spending patterns. It then makes personalised recommendations to help you reduce your expenditure and accomplish your financial objectives.

The premium version, Albert Genius, costs $8 per month. It provides you with access to a team of financial specialists who can offer personalised advice on saving, debt management, and investing. You may also enquire about profitable stocks and themed ETFs.

In terms of security, Albert employs cutting-edge technologies to safeguard your information. Their accounts are FDIC-insured, which means you will be protected up to $250,000 in funds.


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