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Top 7 Best Rover Alternatives For Your Dog In 2023

About Rover

Rover is an internet-based company that connects pet owners with hired pet sitters in their region to assist them care for their pets while they are away. The owner may either allow the pet city to come to their home or drop the pet off at the sitter’s residence before going to work.

Rover appears to be the greatest option right now. However, there may be range Rover velar choices that produce better results. If you agree with us and want to learn about Rover options, read the article below.

Do you want to focus on your job and not worry Rover about what your pet is doing at home alone? Or if you need to travel for a business conference while your pet is left alone in a closed house for a few days? In any event, we feel you want someone to assist you care for your pet. Who might it be? Perhaps Rover, a company that provides pet-sitting services, might assist?

Top 7 Best Rover Alternatives For Your Dog In 2023:

1. Wag!

Pay a visit to Wag! Wag!, like Rover, allows you to connect with sitters who are available on a specific day or day. The website offers comparable services to Rover, the most essential of which is training and sitting. Check out Homebrew Alternatives as well.

Aside from the aforementioned, the firm is well-known for its dog-walking app. On their website, the firm has tight requirements for who may be labeled as a sitter. Every sitter must undergo a thorough criminal history check before becoming an official Wag! Brand sitter.

Services: After being hired as sitters, all babysitters go through training to become industry experts. Canine wellness care, overnight boarding, drop-in services, and dog walking are among the services offered.


  • You can select the carer based on the star rating they have gotten from prior clients.
  • Every carer must complete an enhanced background check before being put on the site.
  • The customer care team is available 24 hours a day, and the website services are insured.
  • You may use GPS to track your dog while he or she is out for a walk with the sitter.

2. Care.com

Care.com is a website run by a larger company that allows other parents of children and pets to connect with their carers. They have an easy-to-use website that allows customers to connect with carers who specialize in various sectors.

How services are rendered demonstrates professionalism. According to the company, your dog will be in good care. Every three minutes, the company assists in matching a person with a carer. A wide range of services are available.

You can choose the individual you wish to trust from a list of probable prospects provided by the company. They want you to go through a procedure to assess what sort of help you need, but it will be worth it. It’s one of the greatest land Rover defender alternatives.

Services: Pet care, housework, tutoring, daycare, geriatric care, and child care are among the services provided.


  • The firm is trustworthy. CNBC, USA Today, Real Simple, Mom.com, Fortune, Bloomberg, and many more major magazines have covered it.
  • Other than providing proof of your expertise in the role, there are no formal prerequisites for becoming a carer.
  • The website’s user interface is unique.
  • You have the option of choosing who you want to allocate the work to.

3. Fetch! Pet Care

Get hold of Fetch! Fetch for Animal Care! Pet Care, a well-known company, has a website to help you care for your dog. In contrast to Rover and other similar services, this website does not allow you to select the carer of your choice. As an alternative, it will match you with the best sitter in your area depending on your preferences and needs.

If you are uncertain about employing their services, they provide a free consultation meet-and-greet between the consumer and the carer. Client testimonials are also available on the website. Emails, SMS, and phone calls will be utilized to keep you updated on the status of your pets.

Services: The company provides a wide range of services, including dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi, overnight care, and animal veterinarian treatment administration.


  • A visit to their website will enable you to choose the service you wish to utilize. Entering your zip code will then show you the options in your region. It is that simple.
  • Each pet sitter and dog walker is subjected to a background check. You can only join the firm if you have passed the others.

4. HouseCarers

HouseCarers makes it easy to find the appropriate local home sitter. Unlike those from other websites, the pet sitter from this company will not only look after your pet but will also keep your home tidy.

One of the primary reasons for hiring house sitters is to keep your home looking lived-in even when you are gone. This significantly discourages thieves. The work of HouseCaregivers does not end here. You can keep your home secure while you are gone and the sitter is at your residence. Check out Wonolo Alternatives as well.

You will be able to review each house sitter’s profile before deciding on the best one. You can accept or reject the babysitter who has been matched with you. It’s one of the greatest Rover alternatives.

Services: HouseCarers.com provides services such as house sitting applications, house sitting by state, house sits without pets, cat and dog sitters, and home security.


  • The results of the matching are confidential and secure.
  • In terms of babysitters, you may sign up to get customer-matching notifications.
  • Using the company’s secure messaging facility, you may contact the home sitter of your choice.

5. National Association Of Professional Pet Sitters

Petsitters.org, which is managed by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, or NAPPS for short, is a good place to seek pet sitters in your area. The company is the country’s lone nonprofit organization.

Although you cannot examine prior customers’ comments, there are a few strategies to investigate a person to discover whether or not they are trustworthy. It’s one of the greatest Rover alternatives.

The brand provides range rover sport customer care help every day of the year, whenever it is required. All of the competent babysitters are listed. A sitter with less training is uncommon.

Services: Their main source of income is pet sitting.


  • Including your zip code helps you to find a sitter in your area.
  • They provide a membership option with additional perks.
  • Look through the listing of sitters in your area to see what talents they have.

6. Pet Sitters international (PSI)

Pet Sitters International, or PSI, works similarly to NAPPS in that it supports you in locating pet sitters from their network. As soon as you input your zip code, you will get a list of eligible pet sitters and their contact information. This is one of the best and easiest Rover alternatives.

If you wish to hire them, go to the company’s website or send them a direct mail piece mentioning the reason. Your inquiry about the sitter’s experience, first aid certification, and so on will be thoroughly answered.

Services: Pet Sitters International’s principal service is pet sitting.


  • The facts will contain the person’s name, residence, age, and other important information that can assist you in getting to know them.
  • To be safe, almost every pet sitter is bonded and insured.

7. DogVacay

DogVacay is the largest website in America for locating 5-star rated dog walkers and pet carers. If you are traveling a long distance or need to pull a full night’s work, DogVacay has pet sitters ready for overnight pet sitting and caring. It is without a doubt the best Rover alternative.

Another option is to have the sitter come to your home and care for your pet. The website is easy to use. The brand is stronger than it was previously because of its link with Rover.

Services: The firm provides services such as dog boarding, pet sitting, dog daycare, and dog walking.


  • You may select your filter choices before selecting a pet sitter in your neighborhood.
  • After you’ve decided on a pet sitter, you can proceed with payment. Only online payment methods are available.
  • All of the dog walkers are animal lovers who know how to treat your pets like members of the family.

Frequently asked Questions 

What is an alternative to Rover?

DogVacay and PetCo are two of the most popular and effective Rover replacements.

Which is better Wags or Rover?

Wags charges a 40% commission fee, while Rover charges only 20%. As a result, Rover can be more useful in terms of making money.

Final words: Rover Alternatives

All of the companies listed in the preceding text are well-known for providing pet sitting as well as other services. When the sitter is taking care of your pet, you can relax and focus totally on work.


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