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Microsoft Teams Error Code 80080300 In Windows 11?

Microsoft Teams, a free chat programme, is widely used by Windows 11 users. Regrettably, the Microsoft Teams error code 80080300 prevents certain users from using the app. Some web browser users of the Teams app can still log in, but the majority cannot. This article might help you fix the Windows 11 error code 80080300 for the Microsoft Teams app.

How Can I Quickly Fix Windows 11’s Microsoft Teams Error Number 80080300?

Disconnect the accounts for work and school.

On your computer, we advise you to log out of any Microsoft work or school accounts. To log out of a Microsoft work or school account that you are currently linked to, follow the instructions below.

1 – To access the Power User menu, press Win + X. Select the Settings shortcut.

2 – On the left, click the Accounts option.

3 – Click Access work or school to access the account settings.

4 – By clicking the corresponding work or school account, you may access the Disconnect this account option.

5 – To disconnect, click the symbol.

6 – To show your confidence, choose Yes.

7 – Try using the account while disconnected in the Microsoft Teams app.

Use the Microsoft Teams Compatibility Troubleshooter to get started.

Some customers benefited from the previous patch and potential fix for bug 80080300. The Microsoft Teams compatibility troubleshooter must be launched, nevertheless, if the issue is brought on by incompatibility between apps. This is an example of its use. 1 – Press the Windows key and the letter E to open File Explorer.

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1- Open the designated directory in step two.

2- Open the specified directory.

3- Right-click the msteams.exe file and choose Properties.

4- In the Properties section of msteams.exe, select the Compatibility tab.

5- Choose the Run compatibility troubleshooter option.

6- In the troubleshooter, choose Test recommended settings.

7– Choose the Test the programme option. After that, try logging into your account via the Teams app.

8- Click Next to display other options.

9- Select Yes to save these settings or No to try again based on the test results. Selecting No will display any more troubleshooting choices that are necessary. Clear Cache for Microsoft Teams

Clear Microsoft Teams Cache

Like other programmes, Microsoft Teams keeps its data in a cache folder. On the other side, the error code 80080300 issue could also be brought on by a corrupted Microsoft Teams cache. You can clear the cache by restarting the application.

1 – Select the Apps tab in the Settings menu.

2 – To access the uninstaller tool, select the Apps & Features menu option.

3 – By clicking the menu button to the right, you may select the Microsoft Teams app.

4 – To access the Reset button for Microsoft Teams, select Advanced settings.

5 – To remove the app’s cached data, click Reset twice.

6 – A Repair option is available that does not delete any data. You can also select this option if resetting does not work. Install the Microsoft Teams App again.

Reinstall Microsoft Teams App

To fix the error number 80080300 problems, some customers might require a brand-new Microsoft Teams app. Reinstalling Microsoft Teams will give you access to this. The steps to uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Teams app are provided below.

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1 – Start the programme and file search tool in step one.

2 – Type Microsoft Teams into the search box.

3 – Click the Microsoft Teams Uninstall option in the search tool.

4 – Click Uninstall once again to fully remove the app.

5 – Open a browser and go to the Microsoft Store website’s Microsoft Teams download page.

6 – Click the Download in Store app button on the Microsoft Teams website.

7 – Click on the Open Microsoft Store button.

8 – Choose the Install option for Microsoft Teams.


The solutions in this article are some of the most popular techniques for resolving the Microsoft Teams error 8008030 in Windows 11. Users who want to fix this issue with Windows 10 can utilise the same solutions. Your computer’s Microsoft Teams programme error 8008030 should be fixed by one of the solutions. Up till Microsoft Teams is resolved, you can keep interacting with any other messaging app. In the space below, kindly let us know if you have any questions or recommendations.


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