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Top 15 Best LeetCode Alternatives Updated in 2023

This list of LeetCode alternatives concentrates on six of the best and more specialized data science platforms, with a particular emphasis on SQL and Python. LeetCode is a platform for practicing coding skills and preparing for software engineering interviews. It is the primary educational platform for engineers at the advanced novice to intermediate level who wish to refresh their knowledge of technical concepts. Consequently, can LeetCode be utilized for data science interviews? LeetCode is to assist software engineers to get jobs. It was not intended to assist data scientists prepare for data science interviews or enhance their analytical skills in SQL and Python — two tools required to become a successful data scientist.

What is LeetCode?

There are over 1050 multiple-choice questions designed to assess your knowledge of various technical concepts. Questions on LeetCode are ranked according to their degree of difficulty: simple, moderate, and difficult. However, the fact that they have over 1000 questions does not make them the finest. Let’s examine some alternatives to LeetCode for data scientists.

Why You Need to Know the Best Alternatives to LeetCode

Find out why you should be familiar with the finest LeetCode alternatives.

  • Some have issues with their methodological way to learn concepts like data structures and algorithms and are looking for alternative ways to learn.
  • Others are simply looking for LeetCode alternatives to learn SQL and Python in a more structured way.
  • Some find that LeetCode is worth with premium membership but they find their premium membership too expensive.

Whatever the reason, lots of people are searching for LeetCode alternatives.

How to Pick the Best Alternative to LeetCode?

To pick an alternative platform to LeetCode, you should understand what you’re looking for:

  • Can you identify your needs?
  • What is your skill level?
  • What do you need these skills for?
  • What concepts are you trying to learn?

Top 15 Best LeetCode Alternatives in 2023

1. HackerRank

HackerRank is a platform that connects developers and businesses. The platform offers two choices. The first is for organizations seeking to employ developers. The second option is for job-seekers who wish to enhance their coding skills, prepare for interviews, and obtain employment.

On the platform, companies can identify the finest talent worldwide. HackerRank will assist them in creating an effective hiring procedure, screening potential employees, conducting interviews, and ranking candidates to determine the best match.

Developers are required to register before coding. They can practice coding and prepare for interviews after registering. They can eventually be employed by the companies. Because developers can substantiate their expertise, HackerRank provides better features for businesses seeking to hire developers.

In addition, the platform offers certification tests for popular programming languages, such as Python, Java, Javascript, and React. Developers can only utilize LeetCode to prepare for interviews. Examine additional platforms similar to HackerRank in this article.

2. AlgoExpert

AlgoExpert is an excellent platform for coding interview preparation. It includes 160 carefully selected queries so that developers can easily pass technical interviews. Additionally, you will have access to more than 100 hours of video explication. Each question is accompanied by a two-part video to maximize learning. AlgoExpert also includes a data structure training course that will teach you the fundamentals of well-known data structures.

All available information is provided in nine programming languages, namely Javascript, Typescript, Kotlin, Swift, Python, Go, C#, Java, and C++. In addition, the available explanations incorporate space-time complexity analyses. AlgoExpert includes a feature-rich coding workstation for practicing algorithm problem-solving through coding. You will also be able to evaluate your solutions against AlgoExpert’s available test cases.

If you desire to prepare for a coding interview, AlgoExpert offers four carefully curated assessments that replicate a coding interview in every way. The questions differ in complexity and type. You can also conduct simulated interviews with other platform users. LeetCode approaches simulated interviews differently. Instead, you are asked timed, company-specific interview questions.

3. CodeChef

CodeChef is a platform for practice, competition, and education. You will have access to programs for novices and experts alike. There are over 3,000 problems of varying difficulty and popularity available on the platform. The platform includes video editorials and debugging information. You will also receive solutions to your concerns. You can also communicate with their support staff so that they can assist you in earning and debugging errors more quickly.

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In a contest, the platform allows you to vie with over 200,000 other enthusiasts. Every Wednesday and weekend throughout the month, there are more than six contests that you can enter. In addition, you will be assigned to one of four distinct divisions based on your programming abilities.

CodeChef encourages self-learning, and certain problems have been hand-selected for you based on your learning path to expedite your rating improvement. You may also select the topical learning path if you prefer this approach.

LeetCode is a platform designed to assist users in preparing for interviews. CodeChef is the platform for you if you are looking for a platform whose primary purpose is to help you improve your skills and compete in competitions.

You have the option to use CodeChef’s complimentary version. If you want additional features, you can subscribe to the Pro version for $8.25 per month. The Pro version grants access to beta competitions, components, and customized skepticism support.

4. CheckiO

CheckiO is a platform with coding games designed for programmers of all skill levels, from novices to experts. On the platform, you can use coding games to solve TypeScript and Python challenges entertainingly and engagingly. In contrast to LeetCode, you can either initiate new games on the platform or register beforehand.

It is a fantastic option for instructors who wish to implement CheckiO in their classrooms. It features entertaining coding challenges and a variety of puzzle-solving tools. In addition, you will have access to numerous novel and thrilling solutions.

Because class progress can be viewed with a single click, this instrument is ideal for teaching. You can also observe each student’s problem-solving thought process. Therefore, if you are searching for a platform to use in education, CheckiO has superior features to LeetCode.

5. Codewars

Codewars is a platform for developing programming abilities through peer training. It employs code kata to continuously push users to improve their coding practices. Before registering for the platform, you must accomplish an initiation task.

This LeetCode alternative has excellent features for those seeking to improve their coding abilities. Codewars utilizes kata, which are tiny coding exercises designed by the community to help you master your preferred programming language. Alternatively, you can master more than 55 programming languages on Codewars.

If you want to learn rapidly, Codewars allows you to assess your progress using test cases (TDD). You can also use innovative, optimized, and creative methods to rapidly retrain and identify coding flaws.

Codewars motivates its users to achieve their maximum learning potential by allowing them to obtain ranks and accolades. Additionally, you have access to the developer community to learn alongside and from your peers.

In addition, you can construct your kata based on your interests or specific skills, or train with community-generated kata. As a result, Codewars provides more tests for you to practice executing your code than LeetCode.

6. Coderbyte

Coderbyte is a platform for organizations and developers. Developers utilize the platform to prepare for interviews, whereas organizations utilize it to evaluate prospective employees. There are over one million developers on the platform who desire to advance their careers. To advance their professions, developers will have access to the challenge library and participate in introductory courses and interview preparation kits.

The platform’s introductory courses include Algorithms, JavaScript, and Python, which can be learned in a week. You can also review the platform’s interview preparation materials. Developers can use the free coding challenges or pay a monthly or annual subscription fee of $35 or $150 to gain access to additional features. You can also pay $79 one-time for access to the premium features for 90 days.

The platform enables businesses to hire the best candidates. However, they will be required to pay $199 per month. The platform assesses over 30 languages and 100 abilities and contains over 500 challenges. In addition, queries and challenges are automatically graded to make the hiring process more manageable. LeetCode and Coderbyte both prepare developers for interviews, but only Coderbyte offers a subscription option for hiring managers to use when evaluating candidates.

7. HackerPen

HackerPen is a platform for practicing technical interviews. The platform includes an in-browser code editor and a cloud-based compiler that can be used with any standard programming language. Additionally, it can be used for real-time consultations.

HackerPen can also be used to simulate system design interviews. The platform supports drawing by hand and adding shapes. This feature makes HackerPen an ideal platform for conducting remote interviews.

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In addition, HackerPen supports video and audio, allowing interviewers and interviewees to communicate effortlessly during the same session. In this instance, you will not need access to communication platforms like Zoom. The ability to conduct remote interviews distinguishes HackerPen from LeetCode.

8. Topcoder

Topcoder is a platform where businesses and organizations can find developers to work on their initiatives. The platform provides crowdsourcing services in which multiple developers collaborate to complete your project.

Employers can acquire the following services from Topcoder:

  • Data Science
  • UI/UX design
  • Web development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Complex undertakings and expert services
  • Topcoder also allows developers to locate work and get paid for completing tasks. The platform is suitable for independent software developers.

Topcoder, unlike LeetCode, is more of a platform that connects people seeking developers with developers seeking employment.

9. Khan Academy

If you are looking for a platform to teach children how to code, Khan Academy is the optimal option. Accessible to students, instructors, and parents, the platform provides free education of the highest caliber. Khan Academy is superior to LeetCode for pupils learning the fundamentals of coding and programming. The platform can be used by beginners and other novice-level individuals to learn computing.

In addition, Khan Academy offers additional courses besides programming. You can study math, science, computing, arts & humanities, economics, reading & language arts, and life skills at this institution.

Additionally, Khan Academy provides personalized learning. Students are permitted to practice at their tempo. Before moving on to the next stage, you can use the platform to fill in knowledge gaps if you already have some background in the subject.

The content on the platform can be relied upon. Additionally, the platform offers tools to empower educators. With these resources, teachers can personalize their students’ education to ensure that all of their learning needs are met.

10. Codecademy

Codecademy is a platform that aims to educate individuals on 21st-century-relevant topics. Consequently, the following individuals will benefit from the platform. Codecademy has a career path to help you land your dream job if you’re looking to establish a career. You will have access to numerous beginner-friendly teachings in courses such as engineering and machine learning, among others.

If you wish to acquire a skill such as coding, website development, or SQL data analysis, Codecademy has excellent courses for you. If you want to learn a programming language, Codecademy offers beginner-friendly courses for JavaScript, Python, HTML, and Java, among others.

Check out Codecademy’s beginner-friendly courses if you’re interested in exploring web development, data science, and cyber security. Compared to LeetCode, Codecademy is optimal for those who wish to increase their knowledge and skills.

If you desire to access more features, you can view the pricing page for pro versions. The Basic version is completely free. The $13.99 Pro Lite version is optimal for those seeking to acquire a skill. If you want to construct a career, you should pay $19.99 per month for the Pro version.

Codecademy offers pricing plans for students and teams in addition to plans for individuals.

11. The Coding Cards

The Coding Cards is a platform designed to enhance your technical skills through the use of JavaScript and Data structure flashcards. You can use the flashcards to reinforce your understanding of the fundamental concepts of programming in various languages. The instrument is ideal for programmers who wish to refresh their knowledge of programming fundamentals.

This LeetCode alternative is an excellent resource for coding interview preparation. Access concept explanations and code excerpts that are frequently asked in FAANG interviews, such as fundamental JavaScript Algorithms and popular Data Structures. The color-coded cards provide a straightforward explanation of each concept. The cards also contain images and text that help you remember concepts such as heap sort and recursion.

If you require additional information, you may also scan the QR code on the platform with your smartphone. The QR code will lead you to an article or YouTube video that provides a thorough explanation of the subject. The platform is differentiated from LeetCode by the use of coding cards to master coding concepts. You can purchase both physical and digital cards.

12. HackerEarth

HackerEarth was designed for both enterprises and developers. The application seeks to connect developers with companies of the highest caliber. Using the app, developers can improve their knowledge and abilities to compete with the platform’s 6.5 million developers. On HackerEarth, businesses can recruit, evaluate, interview, and upskill developers.

Developers can develop alongside the platform’s 6.5 million users. Additionally, they will have the chance to practice and master new abilities. In addition, they will be able to tackle actual problems in some of the world’s top organizations.

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By participating in hackathons, developers can also discover their dream job through HackerEarth. In doing so, they will hone their computing abilities and remain ahead of their peers. In addition, developers will earn badges as they continue to utilize the platform.

While LeetCode is a platform that allows developers to practice for interviews with specific companies, HackerEarth is a platform for recruiting technology professionals. You can view the various HackerEarth programs on their pricing page. Startup is $119 per month, while Enterprise is $279 per month. Contact them for a quote tailored to your needs.

13. Edabit

Check out Edabit if you are searching for a platform to improve your programming skills. To aid novices, the platform provides JavaScript and Python tutorials for beginners. The platform provides access to challenges and exercises for enhancing skills and knowledge. You will be able to practice actual coding on Edabit, allowing you to rapidly acquire and hone your skills. Edabit provides unlimited, bite-sized exercises for skill development.

For complex tasks on the platform, you can commence with a simple exercise. Additionally, you will learn at your own pace to conquer difficult code. Edabit employs game mechanics to make learning enjoyable. Additionally, it eliminates radius and non-educational elements, making the game enjoyable and addictive. You will acquire experience and unlock accomplishments as you progress through the levels.

The platform supports the programming languages Swift, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C++, and C#. Edabit’s primary objective is to enhance developers’ knowledge and abilities, whereas LeetCode focuses on preparing its users for interviews.

14. Screeps

Screeps is an alternative to LeetCode with an MMO sandbox game for programmers. The open-source games’ core mechanic is AI programming units. JavaScript allows developers to control their colony. The platform supports scripted gameplay. Using libs from real-world applications, you can perform actual programming. It is therefore not pseudocode. In addition, the platform combines other languages with JavaScript using WebAssembly.

Screeps also provides access to the game API and documentation of a full-featured platform. Screeps is more enjoyable than LeetCode because it is based on games. The programmable universe of Screeps consists of over 70,000 interconnected game rooms and is enormous. You also have access to processing Node.js player scripts.

The open-source simulator Screeps. However, you are free to alter certain aspects of the game’s behavior, as the platform’s engine has an adaptable program and you can contribute to its development.

15. Talscale

Talscale is a platform designed to assist recruiters in evaluating prospective candidates and enhancing the hiring process. The app promises that within two weeks, employers will be able to engage the ideal candidate.

Amazing features of Talscale enable companies to hire remote workers. You can choose the skill set required for a specific position and then conduct assessments based on that. Talscale allows you to combine programming interviews with code sync to get more out of the interview.

LeetCode lacks features that enhance the remote recruiting process that is available on Talscale. The capabilities include sophisticated proctoring, integration with an ATS, facial recognition, plagiarism detection, and flexible creation of continents.

Using these capabilities:

You can couple a code interface platform with video and text chat to conduct live interviews. Even transcripts and playbacks can be reviewed if clarification is required. Additionally, interview recordings can be shared with colleagues.

Access sophisticated code review tools – This feature identifies the ideal candidate for employment. Recruiters who do not comprehend technical language will still be able to evaluate candidates using auto-scoring coding reports.

Utilise advanced facial recognition and proctoring to identify suspicious behavior – The tools include full-screen mode, tab change track, code video capture, plagiarism check, facial recognition, and impersonation monitoring.


The objectives and teaching methods of the aforementioned alternatives to LeetCode in data science vary significantly. These alternatives to LeetCode provide exercises or courses ranked by degree of difficulty and are intended for a variety of purposes. There is typically a central focus on every resource. It could be to provide a location for interview preparation, fundamental skill development, or knowledge assessment and improvement.

What is more important to you is the learning approach it offers. Numerous resources, including W3Schools, Guru99, and Mode Analytics, emphasize elementary teaching concepts. Others, such as StrataScratch, DataCamp, and HackerRank, concentrate on providing resources to develop your understanding through the practice of solving real-world problems.


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