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Top 25 Best BitSnoop Alternatives Or Similar Software

After its original release, Bitsnoop soon gained a sizable number of users. His perfect user interface and a few unique features also explained his success. However, it soon disappeared, just like so many other torrent sites. There are, thankfully, alternatives. I’m going to give them to you.

Bitsnoop’s story:

In 2009, Bitsnoop.com was introduced. Additionally, this torrent indexing website had over a million torrents (excluding duplicates) and over 1000 teraoctets of content indexed at its inception. The future will see an increase in these numbers. The presence of the TrackerMatch tool sets this torrent tracker apart from others. In other words, mistakes, typos, URL problems, and similar difficulties were removed from search results.

As a result, www bitsnoop com only produced incredibly positive results for the user. The usage of exchange trackers was also made possible by this option. However, those were the good old days when Bitsnoop controlled everything. And not too long ago, everything finally ended in late May or early April of 2017. Some even managed to obtain an April fish, but none were available because the website had vanished. More than 23 million torrent links were there when the site’s owner finally chose to shut it down.

Bitsnoop Unblocked:

As a result, bitsnoop unblocked had expanded tremendously. Why this closure happened has never been explained by the operator. On the website, there was only one message. The message that could be translated as “It was a beautiful adventure, but all good things have an end.”

Last, I want to stress that nothing was lost in this farewell message. Data from the website will be sent to Google, a friend’s website. The latter might then add them to his data repository. What are the current alternatives to Bitsnopp, which has been named among the top 10 torrent sites numerous times?

Alternatives to Bitsnoop:

Finally, all of the Bitsnoop alternatives have been covered. Here are five names of torrent websites that should cover your requirements. There are no unpleasant surprises with The Pirate Bay, RarBG, 1337x, YTS, or Torrent Funk. These websites are all fully functional. And if someone were to get sick for any reason, you would have many alternative options.

The amount, but more crucially, the caliber of the content made available to you on torrent sites, is another aspect to consider. Without a doubt, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Plenty of movies, TV shows, games, apps, and more accessible! Additionally, as I’ve already indicated, there are several resolutions of videos (HD, Blu-Ray, 720p, etc.).

Last but not least, even for beginners, most of these sites are simple to use. Once you enter your search phrases into the appropriate search section, you’re done. The results that show up should then answer your question.

Why should you use a VPN?

Many people still need clarification on why using VPNs like CyberGhost, VyprVPN, or Hidemyass is necessary when downloading torrents using BitTorrent’s alternatives to Bitsnoop download. I want to discuss why using a VPN is essential when using the internet. It’s not only for downloading, either. The solution is simple yet complex for your personal life, freedom, and security.

You can browse anonymously using a VPN for your personal life. You are no longer identifiable on the internet. No longer is anyone aware of what you are doing. As a result, it could be better for downloading. For one’s freedom because it is certainly exhilarating to keep one’s private life hidden from curious eyes and to browse the internet freely. Numerous websites are watched. For instance, it may be challenging to access specific torrent websites.

When downloading a torrent or, more generally, for increased security. You are already safer because you no longer reside at the same address. The best security protocols are also used by a VPN, though. All of your traffic is therefore encrypted. You’re here now!

Top 25 Best BitSnoop Alternatives Or Similar Software:

In this article, you can know about 25 best alternatives of eztv here are the details below;

1.   KAT.cr

KAT.cr is a significant torrent uploading and downloading organization specializing in downloading torrents and Meta links. Customers can use any form of download manager or a torrent client to download using this. KAT is a free torrent pursuit engine that offers all types of torrent material.

2.  LimeTorrents

In the categories of movies, TV shows, applications, software, anime movies, games, and much more, LimeTorrents is the recognized torrent provider. You may browse all the torrents easily available at LimeTorrents using the sophisticated search box or by going directly to the most popular and recent torrent groups. Additionally, look at the proxy and mirror sites linked from torrents. To.

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LimeTorrents is an independent torrent hunt engine that provides its own gathered torrents and user-contributed torrents. It does not organize torrents from other torrent suppliers. It also permits users to access genuine and adult-oriented free gush data.

3.  EZTV

Eztv is a TV gush service that enables users to browse, download, and upload magnet links and torrent files that aid with P2P or the sharing of material among BitTorrent users. It is simple to use with all the necessary tools, features, and an intuitive design. Your preferred television torrent file can be easily found on its interface, and you can download it without restriction.

The site offers two new, advanced search boxes, one simple like another, and requires you to enter the name of your favorite program. The alternative is a drop-down menu where you must select your preferred show from a list of all available shows.

4.  Torrentz

The most popular torrent search engine used globally is Torrentz, which claims to be a strong and reliable source of torrent data. It is only one of the many enormous platforms with billions of gush files that it has continuously gathered from the nearly three tonnes of gush carriers. Torrentz is a quick Meta-search engine for torrent files and a free torrent provider. Hundreds of other top torrent companies support the company and employ its own independent torrent internet search engine. Those who want to distribute their own produced torrents with others can also do so.

5.  The Pirate Bay

It is a user-contributed torrent website where anyone may bitsnoop p2p download torrent files for various things, including movies, music, games, books, licensed software, and more.it is the best resource for getting torrent files for practically nothing. Examine the pirate bay proxy alternatives as well.

The only drawback is that Pirate Bay needs to provide users with the meta link. Whenever a user tries downloading and installing a torrent, the torrent client automatically fetches it instead of getting the download files. Pirate Bay then compels the user to download it directly.

6.  ExtraTorrent

The world’s most popular independent private internet search engine is ExtraTorrent, which also operates the BitTorrent network. It is referred to as a firm that provides consumers with free access to original media files. Extratorrent’s cutting-edge online search engine method is its key advantage. By entering a few terms, our search method offers consumers the best and ideal option to quickly browse and discover their favorite gush.

7.  IsoHunt

IsoHunt is a well-known online retailer among BitTorrent’s authorized peer-to-peer torrent users. It is an online directory of the uncountable torrent files found in music, movies, books, software, programs, apps, and more. Visitors to the site can download and install as many Gush files as they like without any uploading or file size restrictions, and they can browse endlessly through Gush content here.


On the SCI-HUB website, users can view articles and research papers without paying any fees. The scientists may search for the necessary documents in a system without worrying about copyright, which is excellent. Additionally, it allows consumers to download and read the research paper. Customers can use the website’s many filter options to explore research articles depending on their authors, publication year, monthly journal, or group to which they belong. People can quickly find the greatest paper thanks to this search feature.

9.  SumoTorrent

Due to the availability of authentic raw files, SumoTorrent will always be there when it comes to quality rather than quantity. It is recognized as the leading gush provider by BitTorrent for offering the best seeds and also leeches gush files to its users. The nicest thing about SumoTorrent is that it also serves as a downloader, enabling users to download all their torrent files. Even if the underlying documents are corrupted, the automated mending mechanism will correct the torrent file and allow users to download and install it.

10.  TorrentReactor

With millions of genuine gushes, Gush Activator is regarded as one of the most active torrent service providers on the internet, bringing the most recent torrents to its users. The genres of gush files available below include adult, anime, music, movies, series, TELEVISION shows, seasons, episodes, and much more. Visitors to Gush Reactor can search for torrents based on their favorite and most recent gushes. The best part of Torrent Reactor is its advanced search engine, which ensures users have found the flood they are looking for. Visitors can share their gush papers on Gush Activator, which makes it superior to competitors.

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11.  YifyTorrents

One of the most famous torrent websites online, YifyTorrents (also known as YTS), adds many torrent files to its index. However, YifyTorrents only offers movies, so remember to use it to download licensed software, video games, music, TV shows, programs, or for different purposes.

Only then will YifyTorrents provide you with the top flicks and the most recent video clips in real-time regarding motion pictures and movies. The key advantage of adopting the YTS is that it is one of the select few top systems that consistently offers the most recent and fresh content.

12.  Mininova

The search engine and directory website on the internet is called Mininova. The site aims to offer a user-friendly search engine and directory for all types of digital papers. Visitors to Mininova can publish torrents to our website anonymously and have them tracked by any kind of BitTorrent tracker.

Mininova offers a wealth of files related to anime, books, games, music, movies, publications, photos, software, TV shows, and much more. However, Mininova is only as comprehensive as the other major providers regarding a torrent directory site. You may need help locating the gush declare you are looking for, which might also make you unhappy.

13.  1337x

The dedicated portal 1337x offers two alternatives for gush-based documents: streaming the widely available gush link or downloading it as a magnet link. Customers of 1337x can download gush files using any gush client or download manager thanks to the magnet link downloading and installation BitSnoop method of 1337x. It is one of the most obvious solutions and has millions of users who can download and install gush data worldwide.

In anime, applications, original docudramas, movies, music, adult movies, TV shows & programs, seasons & episodes, and much more, 1337x offers the finest and most legitimate content. Check out the 1337x mirror sites and 1337x alternatives in detail.

14.  Nyaa

The Nyaa.se service has been shut down. A Japanese BitTorrent-identified torrent provider was the source of the anime movies. The website was the best torrent source for those who appreciate animated films across all demographics. They will undoubtedly find all kinds of anime movies at the Nyaa.

They’ll undoubtedly respond to the anime films with an adult theme here. Nyaa is one of the largest groups of people that enjoy watching anime movies, according to reports. Additionally, it can be used to check out gush documents in film, sound, software, pictures, literary works, action, and others in animation-based movies.

15.  RARBG

A torrent search and indexing service website called Rarbg was created in 2008. It offers peer-to-peer users spill data and magnet links for BitSnoop information exchange and transfer using the well-known BitTorrent technique. This service is well-liked by its users since it can be trusted, although it contains excessive advertisements. Check out the most recent rarbg proxy in detail.

RARBG is a fantastic solution that offers almost all the main blockbuster download and installation URLs. This platform’s user interface is rather good and provides several areas to explore. You may easily get your site links using this section.

16.  Torrentz2

A rapid, easy-to-use metasearch engine that effectively integrates the results from numerous search engines is called torrentz2. An online website with millions of users is completely free, and you may access it anywhere in the world, anytime. The system’s user interface is simple and simplistic, with just two separate blocks—the user menu and the search panel. The fact that this platform does not require any enrolment or other personal information BitSnoop to download and install, or browse the web content is one of its most addictive and fun features.

17.  YTS.to

YTS.to is a fully free movie streaming website that enables you to look for and download movies in fantastic quality, all while using the least amount of data possible. The website is specially made for movie fans who wish to watch breaking news movies every day in HD format. To provide all the most recent content, it offers a wide selection of HD content and is often updated with fresh material.

There are also many categories, including Activity, Funny, Combating, War-based, Charming, and many others. Every group has appealing alternatives to consider. Everyone can browse and download movies from YTS.to for free without registering or signing up, but if you want to stay updated BitSnoop on the latest trends, you must subscribe with just an email address. Like many other websites that stream movies, it offers many well-liked features like an easy-to-use design, the ability to download movies in various quality levels, the ability to use them in multiple languages, and more. Try it out if you want to download new or classic movies in HD format; it was made with you in mind.

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18.  TorrentHounds

The best torrents freely available on the internet can be found using TorrentHounds. There is no shortage of torrent BitSnoop providers, but finding the best and most authentic one matters most.The source of numerous leaked documents is TorrentHounds, which operates similarly.

19.  BTDigg

BTDigg is a real-time BitTorrent DHT internet search engine that assesses the DHT network. With the use of full-text search, it provides a search engine and maintains active torrents in both Asian and European languages. The two key components of BTDigg, decentralization, and unicity, are bitsnoop safe legal. Decentralization refers to the system’s ability to search within or outside of the torrent space in addition to private trackers. Unicity, conversely, concludes that there are no analogs due to distinct residential features.

20.  Extratorrent2

An online system of electronic web content for home entertainment films, programs, and software is called Extratorrent2. Visitors can quickly browse, download, and install files and add magnet links and other files that encourage P2P data exchange among BitTorrent protocol users. The system is recognized as one of the most well-known platforms that offer a variety of content.

This allows you to quickly explore and download movies, software, apps, video games, and other types of digital content. The most intriguing aspect of this platform is how many different sections are available to browse, such as Browse Torrent, Top 100, Harmony, and TV Displays, which preserve a lot of time.

21.  Toorgle

An online search engine called Toorgle, powered by Google, enables users to look up any information associated with your content. Also, it displays the torrent files that are currently available. The website simultaneously scans more than 450 torrent-related websites to provide the best results for every search.

Toorgle, one of the most popular websites for Gush searches, currently has over 55,000 000 gush indexes. In this number, you can also include the Facebook application and the Firebox search bar. It has a search bar that looks like Google’s and enables users to download various files, including movies, videos, and video games, among other things.

22.  Qtorrent.in

An online torrent system called Qtorrent. enables users to download vast quantities of video content, music files, software, books, and other materials. Customers can download any torrent document using the system, which is free. Users only need to accurately name the papers they wish to search for and download before clicking locate. The system then displays the name of the data and its size in its results. Additionally, clients can choose from whatever option to download the movie they want. It helps people link the torrent file directly to the torrent client.

23.  Picktorrent

People can use Picktorrent to download and install any form of music, film, television show, or software. Users must type the exact name of the movie or song they want to download and install before displaying the full list of those programs and films. People can choose the uploaders whose documents they wish to download and install from that listing.

Pick Torrent has a simple interface with seeds and leeches displayed on one side of the sought documents. Users can access the widest selection of seeds files to get the best download documents. Every file shows its category, language, total size, uploader name, and the digit of times it has been downloaded and installed when it is opened.

24.  BTscene.eu

People can download and install any torrent from BTscene.eu, a torrent data provider. Given that it contained all types of torrent material, the program was one of the finest providers of torrent data. It includes various files, including movies, TV shows, music, games, mp3, etc. Each category has a featured section of the website, including movies, software, anime, and others. People can either click on the main classification section to view the data or watch directly from this featured category, where new files are added.

25.  Library Genesis

You can download and install books and articles on various topics using Library Genesis, often known as LibGen, a simple internet search engine. A search engine may be used for free, and it offers a full experience by including countless ebooks and regular updates with fresh content. Every article and digital book on this platform includes a list of groups. You can instantly choose and download any short articles or ebooks under each category without restrictions. Additionally, a search bar is provided, into which you must type the desired publication’s title.


The greatest French and international Bitsnoop alternatives are all conveniently located here. However, using a VPN bitsnoop Interstellar is the best way to exploit it. So choose a reliable torrent client, then enjoy yourself!


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